Diggle’s Free Comic Book Day

Thunderbolts and Green Arrow writer Andy Diggle will be signing comics at Lancaster’s First Age Comics in the Assembly Rooms, King Street on Free Comic Book Day (Saturday 2nd May). The signing starts at 2.00pm.

Andy’s credits also include Hellblazer, The Losers and Capcom’s Bionic Commando. He recently signed an exclusive contract with Marvel Comics and will be writing future issues of long-running title Daredevil (see news story).

“I’ve always enjoyed telling stories,” Andy told downthetubes contributeor Matthew Badham in an interview recently. “I tend to think very visually, and I was always more drawn to script writing than prose. I remember when I was a kid, back before we had a VCR, I recorded The Empire Strikes Back on audio tape off the TV and then transcribed the asteroid field sequence in screenplay format. Just to get a feel for the medium, I guess. I’ve never had any talent for drawing, though, so I’d write up these little comic scripts and then try to convince my more artistically talented school mates to draw them.”

Andy also says he learnt a lot from being editor of 2000AD, although he regrets Rebellion’s determination to abandon the publication of creator-owned material. “I had never wanted to be an editor, and I never particularly enjoyed being one. I always wanted to write. When the Editorial Assistant job came up, it was a great opportunity to learn, and I would have been a fool not to give it a go; and I did learn a lot and I made a lot of good friends; but I always knew I’d eventually go back to writing.”

Read Matt’s interview with Andy Diggle

Andy Diggle’s Official Site

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