Doctor Who Adventures – Back for the New Year with New Who stories!

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 10 - Cover

It’s a new year and you can recover from the January blues with the latest edition of the greatest comic this side of the Medusa Cascade as Doctor Who Adventures Issue Ten hits the shops on 7th January!

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 10 -  Strip

James Peaty scripts this issue’s tale as the Doctor visits Tokyo in search of sushi and winds up face to face with a giant robot and a massive lizard. Can he save the city from destruction? You’ll have to wait and see! Art by Russ Leach, coloured by John Burns.

Make your party go with a bang with this cool Weeping Angels party game!

Revisit the latest series of Doctor Who with this cool quiz to test yhour knowledge of the Doctor’s latest adventures!

You get the chance to learn from the worst as Davros shows you how to make your own Hand Mine gloves!

This month we give you access to the UNIT Archive as we find out the truth about the Gallifreyans known as the Time Lords!

This month Strax is giving an informative lecture on the Veil, the Cloister Wraiths and the Sandmen!

Victorian London becomes a giant playground as an extra-terrestrial prankster pays a visit and turns the Tower of London into a giant bouncy castle. Can the Paternoster Gang put a stop to the madness?

Doctor Who Adventures  Issue 10 – It’s a brand new year and all new adventure! Issue 10 comes with a Free Mega Poster and a free wind-up TARDIS!

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 10 is on sale 7th January 2016, price £3.99 in all good newsagents and via as a digital edition through here and for iPad via iTunes here (although of course you don’t get the wind-up TARDIS with the digital edition and it’s hard to nail an iPad to your wall instead of a poster)

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