Doctor Who and fantasy Chris Achilléos interviewed with new art book finally on its way

Type 40 Podcast Episode 72 - Chris Achilléos

The latest episode of Type 40, a long-running Doctor Who podcast on the Fandom Podcast Network, features an interview with acclaimed artist Chris Achilleos.

A Greek Cypriot born British illustrator, painter and movie conceptual artist, Chris has created some of the best-loved fantasy and glamour art over the past forty years, and is acknowledged as one of the top fantasy artists in the world.

The artist’s work defined a generation’s image of the Doctor and his adventures at a time when Target Books represented the only available re-telling of the Doctor’s adventures, when video releases had yet to even happen, let alone today’s saturated world of Blu-Ray, DVD and streaming services.

Lifelong fans, hosts Dan Hadley and Simon Horton were ecstatic to meet Chris, and the result is an exclusive interview about his life and work. Together, they recount Chris’s early days working on the fledgling range; their extraordinary success and taking in how his own timeline crossed with major film directors like Ridley Scott – and pop stars, too!

Kklak!: The Doctor Who Art of Chris Achilléos

The interview brings fans right up to date with more on Chris’ return to Doctor Who and the launch of KLAK! The Doctor Who Art of Chris Achilleos from Candy Jar Books – a dedicated, long awaited art book collecting the whole of his Who work, first revealed early last year, its released delayed due to the Pandemic. Plus, there’s news on the launch of a whole line of exclusive merchandise guaranteed to make your eyes pop and heart desire.

“Chris Achilleos is an extraordinary man, says Type 40 co-host Dan Hadley. “His humility, generosity and talent are very much in evidence on this exciting instalment of Type 40: A Doctor Who Podcast.

“It was a truly thrilling experience for Simon and myself and we so hope you enjoy listening in to this extraordinary artist talk about his life and work.”

Download or stream Type 40: A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 72: Chris Achilléos here

Type 40 is a Doctor Who Podcast from The Spacebook for The Fandom Podcast Network. On this show the team take an in depth and extra-dimensional look at this beloved television series – the spin offs, the merchandise, even the fandom itself

Pre-order KLAK! The Doctor Who Art of Chris Achilleos from Candy Jar Books here

• Chris Achilléos – Official Website:

Simon Horton is on on Facebook @The Whonatics

• Dan Hadley on Twitter and Instagram @The_spacebook

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