Doctor Who Comic Issue Three On Sale Now in the UK

Doctor Who Comic Issue Three


The third giant-size issue of Titan Comics Doctor Who Comic is on sale now in all good newsagents, collecting a number of the US format Doctor Who stories available in comic shops.

On the homeworld of vicious psychic parasites, the Tenth Doctor must battle his worst nightmares to save everyone in New York… where only comic strip companion Gabby holds the key to victory!  Eleswhere and Elsewhen, there’s a devil out in the Bayou, or so they say… Join the Eleventh Doctor and Alice for a terrifying mystery of haunting music and dark, supernatural bargains… And a new companion awaits!

Finally, a transtemporal mystery awaits the Twelfth Doctor and Clara as they find themselves in India – in both the past and the future!

The compendium also features the chance to win Doctor Who: Dark Eyes 4, a new full range audio adventure from Big Finish starring the Eighth Doctor! This final part in the Dark Eyes range sees the Doctor battle some of his most iconic enemies, including the Master, Sontarans and Daleks.

You can order this latest issue and buy back issues of Issues One and Two here

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