Doctor Who creators recall their “Embarrassing Moments” for Paul Cornell

Paul Cornell

Paul Cornell. Photo: Tor Books

Ace author Paul Cornell has a terrific blog packed not only with news about his work – a new episode (#7) of his podcast, The Cornell Collective is out now, for example – but some wonderful posts on things Doctor Who and more. In the run up to Christmas, he decided to treat his readers to several items of  crowd-sourced gobbets of festive fun, including one citing some Doctor Who creators most embarrassing moments.

“I could name several tremendously embarrassing moments from my own life,” Paul says. “I once, for example, asked Charlotte Church, at the height of her pop fame, ‘So, what do you do?’ (She replied in a really straightforward way, which speaks very well of her, I think.) So I thought I’d get a bunch of creators to share any moments which make them look back and cringe. And I discovered some gold in their replies…”

Creators such as Russell T. DaviesYoung Sherlock Holmes novelist Andrew Lane,  television professional and former Doctor Who Magazine editor Gary Russell gamely offered their anecdotes.

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Cornell Collective Promotional Image• In a festive edition of The Cornell Collective (Episode 7), Paul is joined by Spider-Man and Silver Surfer writer Dan Slott, novelist Una  McCormack and Doctor Who producer Derek Ritchie. Together they discuss the things they like to watch over the holidays, the projects that they would like to work on if they had the chance and Derek gives some insights into the making of Under the Lake and the creation of Ashildr. Listen to it here

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