Doctor Who Panel to Panel Podcast represents vintage “The Ten Doctors”, a classic not-for-profit fan strip

The Panel to Panel podcast has been featuring fantastic interviews with comic creators about their Doctor Who work for some years – and now host Jeremy Bement has added a vintage fun, not-for-profit strip, The Ten Doctors, to its web page.

The Ten Doctors By Richard Morris
The Ten Doctors By Richard Morris - Episode 1
The Ten Doctors By Richard Morris

First published back in the 2000s, you can read the opening episode of The Ten Doctors on now, an online comic strip from the creative mind of Richard Morris, who Jeremy interviewed in Panel to Panel Episode 146.

We first highlighted the Nova Scotia-based creator’s strip here on downthetubes back in 2008, the project itself launched in March 2007. The hugely popular strip, published as pencils, was by then running to over one hundred episodes, a story that brings together each of the Doctor’s ten incarnations, plus many of his companions, in a complex, engaging adventure that should interest fans of both the new and classic Who series.

Some episodes were also inked and coloured by eclecticmuse, aka Stephanie Jackson.

Each Monday and Thursday will post a page of The Ten Doctors for your viewing pleasure – and, as an added bonus, Richard himself will be adding commentary and bonus artwork from time to time as the story progresses.

Richard Morris has been drawing “since I figured out how to make marks on paper with a pencil,” he says, “starting off drawing cartoon characters I saw on TV as a child.

“The passion for art and drawing followed me through my schooling and I enrolled in the three year Classical Animation Program at Sheridan College in 1989. I’ve been employed in one or another studio doing storyboards, character/prop design , layouts and animation since before I graduation in the summer of 1992.”

From the PBS series Arthur to an animated Peanuts short, Care Bears, Inspector Gadget and beyond, Richard has been steadily employed for 30 years.

Jeremy Bement continues to bring us his Panel to Panel podcast, delivered on Apple iTunes and Podomatic. Recent episodes have brought us new chars with many Who creators, as well as some represented older interviews, alongside new reviews and Doctor Who comic news.

Check out Doctor Who – Panel to Panel and read The Ten Doctors here on (link goes to

Richard Morris is online at

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