Mad Cave Studios annual Talent Search begins today

Mad Cave Studios Talent Search 2023

US independent publisher Mad Cave Studios begins its sixth anniversary of its annual talent search today, 1st May, running until July.

Founded in 2014, Mad Cave focuses on creating world wide entertainment in the horror, sci-fi, action-adventure, crime, noir, and fantasy space. The publisher, whose current titles include Paper Planes, Project Riese and the upcoming Monomyth, works with international creators to develop masterfully illustrated art with a focus on character-driven storytelling.

Mad Cave Studios - Some Titles
Just some of Mad Cave’s titles

“With submissions open to creators all across the world, the team is always blown away by the breadth of talent submitting,” say the publisher.

“It’s Mad Cave Studios’ goal is to give aspiring creators the opportunity that many people can only dream of; having their work published!

This year, the team is in search of one writer, one illustrator, one colourist, and one letterer to work on an upcoming project. This search is specifically tailored for underrepresented talent with a unique voices, who have never worked with, or been distributed by, a major publisher.

Each submission must be based in the world of any Mad Cave Studios’ title: Battlecats, Dahlia in the Dark, Nottingham, Hunt. Kill. Repeat, etc. Each creator may send one submission, but keep in mind that the project you could potentially be working on may or may not be set in the same universe as that particular submission.

The contest begins today, 1st May, and runs through 28th July. Each entry will be considered by members of the Mad Cave Studios editorial team. The four winners including: one writer, one artist, one colorist, and one letterer, will be announced in August.

“If you are not selected this year, don’t worry, Mad Cave Studios will be running this talent search again next year,” the team encourage. “So creators, put your nose to the grindstone and hone your craft!”

Visit the Mad Cave Studios 2023 Talent Search page for submission guidelines

Note: To any artist who chooses to submit an entry for only Battlecats; any series that you may potentially be working on may or may not feature anthropomorphic creatures.

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