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(with thanks to Frank Garcia, via Topless Robot and Japanator): Expect this stunning piece of work to go hugely viral — and if BBC Worldwide don’t pick up the phone to Sheffield-based artist and animator Paul “Otaking” Johnson and offer him a job, they’re mad.

Paul is in the process of writing a Doctor Who-inspired anime short — “It’s taking me b***** ages,” he says — and has posted some progress footage from it on YouTube, including the penciling and inking process. The sequences so far feature the Third Doctor roughing up some would-be muggers with a bit of Venusian karate, meeting scantily-clad anime girls, and getting caught in a battle between Daleks and Cybermen.

Anime site Japanator notes Paul tried to create a stir a while back about fansubs — the practice of creating a fan-produced translated, subtitled version of an anime program, which began back in the 1980s — with his own brand of animation, and this taster, which also features The Master looks great to us, especially the climactic fight between the Doctor and the Master atop the Tokyo Tower.

The work as it progresses can be seen, as always, on Paul’s “Mightyotaking” Deviantart page

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