Don’t miss out on this Avery Hill Sampler Spectacular!

Independent British graphic novel publishers Avery Hill have released an astonishing sampler of the first eight pages of each of their books on Gumroad.

Running to over 450 pages of comics goodness, it’s a great way for you to start a want list from and a great way to support the publisher at the moment by donating on the basis of What You Think Its Worth or What You Can Afford.

Avery Hill is a London-based publishing company that has helped a wide range of terrific aspiring creators reach their potential – and home to the geniuses that the mainstream has yet to recognise.

Their canon includes psychogeographical mappings, eco-anarchist wizards, boat-shaped coffins, an all-female/non-binary construction crew (in space), a bad canine named Greasy, and much, much more.

While you’re on Gumroad, you might also want to check out the digital editions of books such as Grey Area by Tim Bird and The Rabbit by Rachael Smith and The End of Summer by Tillie Walden, among others.

Their line-up currently includes work from Kristyna Baczynski, Tim Bird, Gareth Brookes, Katriona Chapman, Abraham Christie, Comic Book Slumber Party, Charlo Frade, Jazz Greenhill, Gill Hatcher, Luke Healy, Daria Hlazatova, Seekan Hui, Mike Medaglia, Simon Moreton, B. Mure, EdieOP, Owen Pomery, Alex Potts, Elizabeth Querstret, Julia Scheele, Claire Scully, Rachael Smith, Matthew Swan, Steve Tillotson, Donya Todd, Tillie Walden, Ellice Weaver and George Wylesol.

Check out the Avery Hill 2030 spectacular sampler here on Gumroad

Check out Avery Hill and their podcast Signals from the Hill at

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