downthetubes Popular Posts – November 2013

Richard Hammond tries to unmask the Stig.

Richard Hammond tries to unmask the Stig. Image © DC Thomson

Apart from landings on our home page, here’s a run down of the ten most popular posts on downthetubes over the past 30 days…

The Beano gets a Top Gear makeover thanks to guest editor Richard Hammond
This has, to date, proved our most popular post ever, skewing our stats into previously unknown heights. The ‘halo’ effect lasted for a couple of days but didn’t last and the ‘celebrity magic’  didn’t seem to lead to further exploration of the site. You have to wonder if thos findings could be applied to celebrity endorsed product…

Lego Legends of Chima comic magazine launches
Another very popular story. Lew Stringer dropped us a line to say he’d found out the comic strip appeared to be the same in every international edition of the title – so no hope of anyone getting a commission, sadly!

Eaglemoss launches Gerry Anderson Vintage Comic Collection
The first of our popular Gerry Anderson-related posts to feature in our Top Ten. We’re informed this should relaunch on a national level some time in the New Year.

SelfMadeHero to publish Pixies frontman’s illustrated book, art by Steven Appleby
If interest in our post on this new project is anything to go by, this is good news for SelfMadeHero.

Britain’s first science fiction weekly, Captain Scarlet art under the hammer
ComPal’s most recent comics auction – now closed – attracted a lot of interest.

ITV Studios offers sneek peek of new Thunderbird 1
So far, it would appear that no other designs from the new Thunderbirds are Go series have escaped into the wild.

Eagle Force Mystery Solved And A Lost Eagle Rediscovered
A comics mystery solved thanks to sleuthing from Jeremy Briggs and David McDonald at Hibernia Books

“The Wolverine” gets UK Blu-Ray, DVD release, offers sneek of “Days of Future Past”
Ah, if only there was a Captain Britain film, eh?

Brightwells announce major Comic Book Auction
Some great bargains went under the hammer.

Asterix and the Picts sells two million copies in a week (and that’s just in France)
Great news for Asterix fans (of which there are clearly many!)

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