Eagle Times Volume 22 Number Two – Summer 2009

Eagle Times Volume 22 Number 2 - Cover

The cover illustration for this issue of Eagle Times is by Tom Adams from the series, ‘British Birds by George Cansdale’, Eagle, Volume 7 Number 39 (28th September, 1956)

Following up on our brief mention for the latest issue of Eagle Times (Volume 22 Number Two) yesterday, here’s the full details for the issue. The cover story is a look at the nature artwork of Tom Adams, nowadays best known for his covers for Agatha Christie novels but who has had quite a diverse career over the past sixty years.

Other features include looks at the Dan Dare stories Operation Saturn and The Man from Nowhere, Eagle Autographs, Rex Keene (the first in a new series of ‘Rivals of Jeff Arnold’), the third part of a look at Heros the Spartan, a P.C. 49 text story, pop music in 1965 and a look at Eagle Holidays.

Summer 2009 contents

  • Tom Adams, Fine Art Painter – a review of the work of the illustrator of ‘Soldiers of the Queen’ and many ‘George Cansdale’ nature strips which appeared in Eagle from 1954 to 1959
  • The Rivals of Jeff Arnold, part 1 – ‘Rex Keene, Texas Ranger’ from Junior Express 
  • Frank Hampson and Ronald Searle – comparisons of the careers of two 1950’s “icon makers”
  • ‘Operation  Saturn’ Revisited – commentary on Dan Dare’s fourth adventure in Eagle, following the revelations of the story’s original outline
  • An obituary of Giorgio Bellavitis, architect and former comics illustrator, whose work in Eagle included ‘Mark the Youngest Disciple’
  • Report of the 23rd Eagle Society Weekend at Muswell Hill, where the guest of honour was Charles Chilton, writer of Eagle‘s ‘Riders of the Range’, and radio’s ‘Journey into Space’
  • Eagle Autographs – part 5 (Artists and storytellers, part 2)
  • PC49 and the Case of the Murderous Mouse – part 2 of the story adaptation
  • Eagle Club Holidays – a look at the adventure holidays organised for Eagle Club members (and Girl Adventurers) by the Youth Hostel Association
  • Free Gifts in Eagle, part 5 – the 1964 Olympic Games medals
  • ‘Heros the Spartan’, part 3, concluding this series by way of the final Eagle story and the Eagle Annual stories
  • ‘The Man From Nowhere’ remembered – a personal reflection on iconic moments from Dan Dare’s 6th adventure in Eagle 
  • The added or missing bar – some observations on changes to Sir Hubert’s epaulettes during the ‘Dan Dare’ saga
  • Pop Music during Eagle Times – 1965

• Subscriptions are £22 (overseas £34 in UK pounds) for four issues a year from Keith Howard, 25A Station Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 2UA. More info at: eagle-times.blogspot.com

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