Blink Twice Battle to Save Mankind!

comic_transformers16_titan.jpgAll right, all right — we admit we did a bit of a double take when we got this piece of hyperbole in our mailbox — surely even for those plucky Etherington Brothers, the creators of Monkey Nuts, Moon and other comic gems (such as this cover, right, by Lorenzo for Titan’s Transformers #16, last year), this was a slightly over ambitious title for an announcement – but then, you’ve got to have goals in life!

As it turns out, the boys were just keen to let us know that they’re involved in Titan Magazines ongoing bumper monthly Terminator Salvation Comic, inspired by the film starring Christian Bale.

Robin has been charged with unearthing a series of data files from the Skynet archives covering all manner of scientific and military wonders, from Time Travel to Nuclear war and beyond. The first article appears in Issue 2, which is on sale now. Click here to order a subscription to this superb comic, or visit your nearest Newsagent!

Oh, and keep an eye on the studioblinktwice blog as Lorenzo will be posting a very special piece of Terminator artwork soon!

In addition to their work for Titan, the Etheringtons are also teasing their many fans with hints of some new projects. “Contractually we aren’t allowed to share any specifics at the moment,” they tease. “All we can say is that there are two major Etherington publications confirmed for release, with a third under review and looking incredibly positive.

“Until we are given the go ahead to post real details with you all, this teaser will have to suffice. But trust us – we’re working on some wonderful projects and the wait for an official announcement is not far off.”

Meanwhile, you could head over to our new “Moon Landing Anniversary” album on the downthtetubes forum, where the boys were one of the first creators to give us something for our Apollo celebrations!

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