Egmont’s TOXIC Magazine launches new apps

Following up on the launch of a revamped website and its first interactive issue earlier this year, Egmont UK is extending the TOXIC Magazine brand into entertainment apps, aimed, I assume, and helping promote the title. (They're certainly good fun!)

Two free games, which will be promoted in the Magazine and online, have been released this week – Bug Blatter and Meerkat Me – both available for free from the iTunes store.

In Bug Blatter, kids must destroy all the bugs climbing on a window. Different techniques are required in the game to destroy different bugs and if you miss the bugs, the window will crack. As the game develops, players must try to beat their scores as the levels get harder. I can see this one proving quite addictive…

In Meerkat Me, kids (and website editors who really should be making better use of their time…) will delight at putting photos of themselves and their friends and family into the body of a Meerkat and then making that Meerkat dance and say silly things.

If that wasn’t enough hilarity, you can save an action shot of the Meerkat to send to friends.

“We know from our audience research that apps are really popular with TOXIC readers,” says Siobhan Galvin, the title's publisher. “We are hugely excited to be able to bring TOXIC to the app world, extending the brand digitally in what is a very natural space for us.

“This move will enhance and deepen the experience for our readers while at the same time open up TOXIC as a magazine to a wider group of potential readers.”


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