Em joins The Sun


(with thanks to David Baillie for the tip): The cartoon strip Em, the creation of Swedish cartoonist Maria Smedstad, joins The Sun on Tuesday.

“Yes, it’s true,” says Marie. “Em will be packing her little messily drawn bags and move to The Sun for two days a week. And to those of you who have asked – no, she will not be on page three.”

First published in the free thelondonpaper for three years, which is closing, Em was created as an autobiographical side project, depicting life as a young (semi) professional in a shared London house.

“It was picked up by thelondonpaper in October 2006,” Marie outlines on her web site. “Since then the often acerbic portrayal of Em’s life has received a hugely positive response and has struck a chord not only with Londoners, but with people worldwide who sympathise with her and her friends’ daily struggle to keep their wine intake down, fight broadband service providers and find that special someone to keep them warm at night.”

Marie has hinted that a collection of Em strips is in the pipeline. Any publishers reading this…?

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