Email woes befall Northern Sequential Art Competition

If you have entered the Northern Sequential Art Competition the organisers have been in touch to say  that they’ve  had some email issues and may not of received your entry.

They’re urging entrants to check their website on Wednesday 2nd November to make sure your entry is there. If not, then you should re-send it to

“We will extend the deadline to Friday 4th November in case anyone’s page has gone astray,” they say. “Sorry for any inconvenience caused and good luck with your entry!”

For all who have not entered our art competition, did you know you can send in existing pages as long as they have not been published anywhere else? The organisers are extending the deadline to Friday 4th November.

Check the website for guidelines on sending your comic page. You never know — your work could end up being featured worldwide in an Images Comics publication!

• The THOUGHT BUBBLE COMIC CON will take place from the 19th to 20th November 2011

• Competition Gallery:

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