Enniskillen ComicFest returns next month

Enniskillen ComicFest 4 Promotion

Enniskillen ComicFest returns for its fourth year next month, on 10th and 11th May, bringing the world of comicbooks and superheroes to the town to celebrate sequential art and storytelling.

Following the programme of previous years, there will be comic creators visiting local schools on Friday 10th – and then Saturday 11th will be the main Convention day for the public.

This year, the venue is, once again, St Macartin’s Cathedral Hall, which will be packed with comic creators, both professional and self-published. Merchandise and comics will also be on sale and there will be plenty of cosplayers bringing to life your favourite characters.

Blakes The Hollow will be the venue for a Pop Culture pub quiz on Friday night, challenging you on films, television and comics. ComicFest’s guests will all be there, so get along to meet them and test your knowledge against theirs!

Among the guests this year are Nigel Parkinson, who has been drawing “Dennis” in the Beano for several years now. Everyone knows Dennis and Gnasher, two of the most iconic characters in British comics.

Superstar artist Simon Bisley is also attending, whose distinctive art style can be seen in Slaine: The Horned God, Batman/Judge Dredd: Judgement On Gotham, Lobo and the “ABC Warriors” for 2000AD.

“Simon’s art revolutionised comics in the early 1990s,” says ComicFest’s Paul Trimble, “and he is making his first appearance in Enniskillen.”

Also making his first visit to Enniskillen is the legendary Ian Kennedy, whose comics career stretches back decades. His artwork will be instantly recognisable to anyone who read Commando, Warlord, the Eagle, Starlord, Battle or Tornado.

Doctor Who and Superman writer Paul Cornell is another of the popular event’s guests. He’s also written several novels, audio dramas and for TV, including Doctor Who.

A highlight of ComicFest 4 will be its tribute to the late, much-missed Carlos Ezquerra. Ace writer and Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner and Alan Hebden – the latter a brilliant writer for 2000AD, Starlord and Commando, making an incredibly rare comic event appearance – will discuss their work with Carlos.

The late, much-missed Carlos Ezquerra at a previous Enniskillen ComicFest. Image via Enniskillen ComicFest

The late, much-missed Carlos Ezquerra at a previous Enniskillen ComicFest. Image via Enniskillen ComicFest

There will also be an exhibition of original artwork and comics featuring some of Carlos earliest work, and the debut of an exclusive video tribute.

Other guests from across Ireland and the UK who will be appearing at ComicFest are Eoin Coventry, Davy Francis, Simon Furman, Una Gallagher, Maura McHugh, Katie O’Kane, Calum Laird, Clint Langley, Nika Nartova, Alan Nolan, Mark Reihill, Pau Vassilev and Anthea West.

Also at Enniskillen ComicFest this year: Una Gallagher, Katie’O’Kane, Nika Nartova, Maura McHugh, Pau Vassilev and Anthea West

Also at Enniskillen ComicFest this year: Una Gallagher, Katie’O’Kane, Nika Nartova, Maura McHugh, Pau Vassilev and Anthea West

All will be available on Saturday 11th May for autographs and sketches, and if you’re an aspiring writer of artist, why not bring along some of your work and get some tips!

“There will be plenty to see and do at ComicFest no matter what age you are,” says Paul. “We will have a special Kid’s Zone with lots of activities going on as well as panel discussions and interviews for those wanting to know more about the characters and their creators.”

Admission to ComicFest on 11th May is free for everyone – young or old, chances are you’ve read comics so why not come along and join in the fun on Saturday 11th May?

• Enniskillen ComicFest 4 Friday 10th and Saturday 11th May 2019 St Macartin’s Cathedral Hall, Enniskillen. Full details of the programme of events will be posted on the Enniskillen ComicFest Facebook page

Enniskillen ComicFest would like to thank the Arts Council Of NI, Fermanagh & Omagh District Council, Fermanagh Lakeland Tourism, Enniskillen Library, Enniskillen BID and Blakes the Hollow for their support

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