Festive Treats galore, and more, on their way from 2000AD!

Prog 2161, the latest issue of 2000AD, with a cover by Nick Percival is on sale now in all good comic shops and newsagents, a warm up to next week when, alongside Judge Dredd Megazine 415, we get the release of 2000 AD Prog 2162 – the bumper, 100-page end-of-year issue of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic!

2000AD Prog 2162 - Cover by Alex Ronald

Perfect as a stocking filler and as a jump on issue for new reader, with  terrific cover by Alex Ronald, includes two brand new series: “Feral & Joe” by Dan Abnett and Richard and Joe Elson; and “Proteus Vex” by Michael Carroll and Henry Flint.

It’s on sale for three weeks, into the New Year, with 2020 ramping up to be another great year from Rebellion – check out our list of upcoming titles below!

ON SALE NOW: 2000AD Prog 2161

2000AD Prog 2161 - Cover by Nick Percival

by Michael Carroll (Writer) Nick Percival (Artist) Annie Parkhouse (Letterer)

Mega-City One, 2141 AD. Home to over 130 million citizens, this urban hell is situated along the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America. Crime is rampant, and only the Judges — a zero-tolerance police force empowered to dispense instant justice — can stop total anarchy. Toughest of them all is JUDGE DREDD — he is the Law! Now, a serial killer is stalking the city, removing various body parts of his victims…

2000AD 2161 - Judge Dredd

by Pat Mills (Writer) SK Moore (Artist) Annie Parkhouse (Letterer)

London, 1668. It is two years since the city was devastated by the Great Fire. From the ashes rose the undead, hungry for the flesh of the living. Protecting the populace are zombie hunters like Titus Defoe, a former Leveller, whose mission is to rid the capital of the ghouls. Now, he’s discovered that the entity Irdonozur is seeking to escape Earth and return to the moon — and it’s been smuggled upon the Britannia rocketship…

2000AD 2161 - Defoe

by Dan Abnett (Writer) INJ Culbard (Artist) Simon Bowland (Letterer)

The late 21st century, and through environmental catastrophe and industrial overload Earth has been reduced to a wasteland. Mankind finally evacuated the planet in 2072 and millions were housed in a number of deep-space Habitats. But life on these cramped, overcrowded stations is tense, with many spilling over into madness. Now, HSD cop Bridget Kurtis is investigating what looks like a gang-related mass-kill…

2000AD 2161 - Brink

by Guy Adams (Writer) Jimmy Broxton (Artist) Simon Bowland (Letterer)

An alternate 1940s USA. WWII is over, victory having been secured by occult means. Now, magic is a part of everyday life, its practitioners commonplace. Mallory Hope is one such skilled operative, though calling on the dark arts takes its toll on the user. He’s also a private investigator, hired for all manner of down n’ dirty jobs, and now his services have taken him to New York, where he’s been manipulated by Alberto Modi…

2000AD 2161 - Hope Under Fire

by Kek-W (Writer) Dave Kendall (Artist) Annie Parkhouse (Letterer)

he planet that eventually became known as Deadworld was once a regular civilisation existing in a dimension parallel to our own. But the end of days is coming, and creatures known as the Dark Judges are spreading their contagion, exterminating all life. While the survivors attempt to resist the undead horde, the neighbouring Soviets have seen the chaos as an ideal time to launch an attack on their enemies…

2000AD 2161 - The Fall of Deadworld


Misty Presents The Jordi Badia Romero Collection• Misty Presents The Jordi Badia Romero Collection – On Sale Now

This is absolutely amazing. Celebrating the incredible art of Jordi Badía Romero from supernatural girls comic Misty, this sumptuous hardcover art book collects stories from the 1980s that showcase this remarkable, and criminally overlooked, artist who died in 1984. The book also includes work by his brother, Enrique Badía Romero artist on Modesty Blaise and Axa.

• Operation Overlord (Graphic Novel) – On Sale Now
Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 34 – On Sale Now

Ken Reid’s World-Wide WeirdiesKen Reid’s World Wide Weirdies Volume 1 – On Sale Now

This is definitely one any British comic fan should be demanding as a Christmas present, with its utterly crazy assemblage of some of Reid’s deliciously demented drawings from the 1970s humour comics Whoopee and Shiver and Shake. There really should be a full t-shirt range!

Glorious grotesques from around the globe! Beautiful and bizarre illustration collection from the legendary British cartoonist (ir)responsible for Faceache released to coincide with the holidays!

World Wide Weirdies collects the almost weekly run of Reid’s beautifully bizarre illustrations from IPC’s Whoopee! and Shiver and Shake. Usually displayed in colour on the back cover, they are among the most striking images to have appeared in British comics!

The Dark Judges – The Fall of Deadworld Book Two – On Sale Now
The Complete Judge Dredd Case Files 18 (US) – On Sale Now


udge Dredd Megazine 4152000AD Prog 2162 – On Sale 18th December
Judge Dredd Megazine 415 – On Sale 18th December


Third World War - Promotional Cover• Third World War – On Sale 9th January
– Read our news story

The definitive collection of Third World War, a powerful tale of of global capitalism, rebellion and exploitation created by Pat Mills and the late Carlos Ezquerra.

• Billy’s Boots – On Sale 23rd January

Young Billy Dane was one of the most passionate football fans at Bingley Road Junior school…unfortunately he was also one of the worst players!

Then, one afternoon, Billy’s grandmother got him to clean out her attic and Billy finds a pair of old fashioned football boots that belonged to ‘Dead-Shot’ Keen – a famous centre forward who once played for England.


Battle Stations: War Picture Library. Note this may not be the final cover

• Kingdom Volume 4: Alpha and Omega – On Sale 6th February

After dragging Gene to their faltering cryogenic space station and abandoning his pack to the swarming insect “Them”, the masters are how holding Gene in idyllic V.R. suspension.

Rescued before execution by an old friend, and joined by a terrorist working to undermine the master’s grip on the world below, Gene forms a tenuous alliance. The three must work together to infiltrate the master’s security systems and steal the codes to their massively destructive arsenal. But Gene might not be prepared for what else he finds…

• Battle Stations – War Picture Library – On Sale 20th February
– Read our news story | Read our advance review | Read artist Keith Page’s feature on Hugo Pratt 

The first in a major series of new collections bringing the long lost UK war comics of Italian art maestro Hugo Pratt to the public in stunning new editions.


• Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 19 (US) – On Sale 3rd March

Judge Dredd - Mechanismo: Machine Law

Note: Advance Cover – May not be Final

• Judge Dredd – Mechanismo: Machine Law – On Sale 5th March

A buddy cop tale like no other! Man and mechanismo, on the mean streets of Mega-City One. The next chapter in the legendary Judge Dredd epic, penned by incomparable Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner

With Mega-City one eating Judges faster than they can be replaced, the Justice Department prepares once more to trial a radical solution for their manpower shortage: The Mark-8 RV Mechanismo unit, robotic judges programmed to deal with everything the city can throw at them, with freshly programmed AIs designed to empathise with the citizens they’ll encounter.

Judge Dredd himself has never hid his feelings on granting judicial powers to machines, but the responsive, resilient and ultimately expendable machines may be the answer to the justice department’s problems. Dredd is ordered to put aside his prejudices and conduct an assessment with one of the latest models, nicknamed HARVEY…

The Rise and Fall of The Trigan Empire Volume One• The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire Volume 1 – On Sale 19th March
– Read our news story

The first of a four-volume series reprinting The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire – a landmark 1960s science fiction series which rivalled Game of Thrones in popularity and was the precursor to every mythic sci-fi adventure to come!

Under the leadership of Trigo, the Vorg tribesmen band together to resist the Lokan invaders, forming a new country, The Trigan Empire. This is the epic story of its rise and fall.

Featuring an extraordinary combination of the Roman Empire and ancient Greece, Trigo’s story is told in ground breaking fully painted artwork. This is the first in a series collecting all the stories painted by the legendary Don Lawrence.

The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire Special Edition cover by Chris Weston

The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire Special Edition cover by Chris Weston

The Treasury of British Comics recently unveiled Chris Weston‘s cover for a retailer exclusive hardcover edition of the first volume of The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire.

With this special cover – available only from selected comic book stores – the artist on Judge Dredd, The Filth and The Invisibles has paid tribute to the inimitable work of the legendary Don Lawrence, artist on Trigan Empire, one of the finest comics creators in British comics history, and Weston’s mentor early in his career.

The retailer variant hardcover with Chris Weston cover will be available to buy from Forbidden Planet, Forbidden Planet International, OK Comics, Book Palace, and other selected stockists.

The standard paperback collection will be available in March from all good retailers and comic book stores.

• Roy of the Rovers Graphic Novel  5 – On Sale 17th March

• 2000 AD is available from all good comic book stores and newsagents in the UK and Ireland. Outside the UK and Ireland, it is available to order through comic book stores via Diamond Distribution. It is also available digitally from the 2000AD.com webshop and the 2000 AD apps for Apple, Android, and Windows 10 devices

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