Feuding footballers and a jinxed bomber haunt this week’s new Commando comics!

Commando 5107: Home of Heroes: Toe to Toe

Brand new Commando (Issues 5107 – 5110) are on sale this Thursday (22nd March 2018). Go toe to toe with our feuding footballers, survive a flight in a jinxed Lancaster bomber, hold off Iraqi patrols in the Kuwait desert, and beat the Nazis in their own treasure hunt!

Commando 5107: Home of Heroes: Toe to Toe
Story: George Low | Art: Morhain | Cover: Janek Matysiak

Trading one fighting field for another (of sorts), our Tommy heroes, Jake Reilly and Tony Parsons, may appear allies, but when they’re captured in North Africa and taken to an Italian POW camp, old feuds flame up. Bitter rivals, Reilly was a top striker (and penalty pusher), while Parsons was a hard-headed goalie for a rival team. When the war broke out, they thought their playing days were over, but they were wrong…

In a perfect pairing, George Low combines two great British favourites, Commando and football, in a charming satire of European rivalries, transposing the battlefield for a football pitch. Janek Matysiak’s cover also adds credence to this, showing the pivotal match through the barbed wire of the the POW camp fence.

Commando 5108: Gold Collection: They Flew by Night

Commando 5108: Gold Collection: They Flew by Night
Story: Staff | Art and Cover: Gordon C. Livingstone
Originally Commando No. 488 (July 1970)

J-for-Jig or J-for-Jinx? The RAF were notorious for their superstitions, but when one Lanc. bomber caused the death of every pilot who flew her, everyone agreed the aircraft was hoodoo. Everyone, that is, except Titch Bradbury. A daring pilot, who was maybe just a tad too cocksure, Titch didn’t believe in that tommyrot, and he’d prove it or die trying!

Penned by the editorial team at DC Thomson, who certainly knew a thing or two about the RAF, with Commando’s own editor Chick Chetley flying with them from 1941-46, and interior art by Gordon C. Livingtone, this Golden Age reprint will delight new and old fans alike.

Commando 5109: Action and Adventure: Doctor's Orders
Commando 5109: Action and Adventure: Doctor’s Orders
Story: Iain McLaughlin | Art and Cover: Manuel Benet

Captain Tom Stewart never thought he’d find himself stranded in Iraqi-occupied territory in Kuwait, bleeding internally, closer and closer to death each second. He never thought his only chance of survival would lie in the hands of US Navy Captain Doctor Jane Daly, or that she would save his life with the only tools at her disposal: a torch, a pen tube, and a penknife. It was going to be one long night…

Iain McLaughlin’s Gulf War story is one of survival, as time and terrain pose as much of a threat as the Iraqi soldiers who track our heroes. This exhilarating cat and mouse tale is then combined with an effectual cover, featuring our trio of heroes, and pristine interiors by Manuel Benet.

Commando 5110: Silver Collection: Fools' Gold

Commando 5110: Silver Collection: Fools’ Gold
Story: Anthony Knowles | Art: Keith Shone | Cover: Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 2730 (January 1994).

Mike Barclay signed up to fight for his country – not cook for it! He only wanted to see combat, but after his squadron was attacked by Jerries, Mike was forced to flee with a group of Tommies led by Sid Blacke. Mike was in for another shock though, as he discovered that Sid wasn’t leading them back to Allied lines – but to hidden treasure, buried deep in ruins in the North African desert. Now, surrounded by deserters, with war crimes mounting, Mike’s chance of escape was dwindling, as friend and foe raced towards the fools’ gold!

With stunning interior illustrations by Keith Shone, highlighted by the white lettered captions on the deep blacks of the tomb interiors, Anthony Knowles’ treasure hunt adventure is full of twists and turns, as greed turns everyone against this story’s hero!

• Commando Comics are on sale every fortnight in all good newsagents and  Commando #5103 and #5105 are still on sale now for £2 per issue. Commando Comics are available to buy and request in WHSmith and local newsagents

• Print and digital subscriptions are available worldwide, and can be bought through the DC Thomson website 

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