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(Crossposted from the downthetubes mobile comics blog): A new website,, offering a guide to the increasing number of digital comic applications for iPhone has been launched recently.

It’s no secret that the App Store can be overwhelming and titles get buried with no way for users stay updated. The creators of this site – who, we will note straight away, seem to want to be rather anonymous, which is odd, but the sites’ content is genuine and informative, hence this post – wanted to find a way to aggregate the mobile comics community into one place where consumers can go to find out what comic books are available on mobile platforms.

The website is dedicated solely to the advancement of all mobile comic applications, and the creators say they plan feature new releases every week from all developers across all platforms.

Included is a quick appraisal of every comic iphone app in a useful directory, including iVerse, Crispy Comics, Dark Horse, IDW, Robot Comics, ROK Comics and others. The guide doesn’t include a link to the provider’s own web sites but does have direct links to their apps and comics on the iTunes store.

The site has only just launched, but it’s a handy service which with dedication is sure to grow. Check it out at:

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