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2000AD cover art by Chris FossRare triptych cover art by acclaimed science fiction illustrator Christopher Foss for 2000AD is just one item in the Winter 2008 auction of London-based Compalcomics that also includes Dan Dare and Desperate Dan art and a number of first issues of early US Marvel Comics, some featuring the first appearances of characters such as Spider-Man and Iron Man.

The gouache Foss art is bound to attract plenty of attention from 2000AD fans, which formed the covers of three consecutive issues of the weekly comic back in 1995 (Issues 953, 954 and 955). Featuring Judge Hershey and Judge Dredd against the backdrop of a Mega City skyline, all three main images are signed separately.

Christopher Foss is a renowned British artist and science fiction illustrator whose futuristic visions have adorned many book covers, including Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy, The Demon Princes series by Jack Vance and E E Smith’s Lensman. His film work has encompassed Dune, Alien and Superman and this triptych is his only known cover artwork for 2000AD and Compal believe it is the first piece of his artwork ever offered at auction.

Magic ComicThere are 449 lots in the auction overall with other British highlights being a dummy issue of The Broons Book 4 from 1949 – publisher DC Thomson’s unique pre-print run copy.

Also on offer are some rare DC Thomson Magic comics along with The Dandy No 1 Flyer, an eight-page mini comic in its own right. A large number of 1960s Gerry Anderson-inspired comic TV Century 21 are also on offer.

Bound volumes include collections of Schoolgirls Own, Sexton Blake, Union Jack, Champion and Thriller titles plus artwork from Desperate Dan by Dudley Watkins, lassoing a Christmas tree for the poor kids party; Oor Wullie – finding oot that everybody has a wee lassie except hi’self; The Broons twins, fed up wi’ lickin’ envelopes fir Christmas cards; and a page of Journey to the Stars art from tan issue of Speed comic by Ron Turner; and a page of Dan Dare original front cover artwork by Desmond Walduck for Eagle Vol 5: No 5.

The bumper US section highlights a high grade single owner Amazing Spider-Man collection in 133 lots, all cents copies from #1 with 25 issues CGC graded. The main Silver Age section includes Amazing Fantasy #15 featuring the first appearance of Spider-Man, Journey Into Mystery #89 re-telling the origin of Thor, Tales To Astonish #27 featuring the first appearance of Ant Man, Tales Of Suspense 39 featuring the first appearance and origin of Iron Man, and first issues of Fantastic Four, The Avengers, Daredevil, Hulk, Iron Man and X-Men.

The Golden Age is represented with Batman #6 and #31, Human Torch #5 and Marvel Mystery #14 and #30. Also offered is artwork from The X-Men #43 by Werner Roth featuring Cyclops, the cover of Witching Hour #65 by Louis Dominguez and a superb page of Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four #95 featuring Medusa, Crystal and the Human Torch.

Compalcomics holds four auctions a year. Bids will be accepted until Tuesday November 25 at 8.00pm UK time.

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