Friday Fun – Mission: Impossible Squirrel

Okay, okay, nothing to do with comics, cult tv (well, apart from the theme tune, surely one of the best ever for an adventure show), but it’s Friday and this Carling Black Label ad is one of the best UK ads ever in my humble opinion…

The ad, made by London-based agency WCRS and screened in the UK in the 1980s, used a sequence originally shot by the BBC Natural History Unit and became the focus for a show, Daylight Robbery (followed up with the originally titled Daylight Robbery II) presented by Doctor Jessica Holm, which has been screened all over the world.

It apparently took the squirrel nearly a week to figure out what to do.

It seems that the squirrel didn’t pass on his knowledge to others: there was a report in the Guardian last month about one who had to be rescued from a bird feeder by the RSPCA after eating so many nuts that it could no longer squeeze through the bars!

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