Gary Erskine chosen to honour Andy Murray for Sunday Mail

Sunday Mail cover, 7th July 2013

Illustration by Gary Erskine and Yel Zamor

Scottish comics artist Gary Erskine – currently busy promoting the amazing-looking Roller Grrrls project – landed a plumb commission to draw Wimbledon winner Andy Murray for yesterday’s best-selling Scottish newspaper, the Sunday Mail.

The Scottish newspaper was clearly in no doubt Andy would win Britain’s top tennis challenge ahead of his three hour match yesterday, which saw him become  the first British male singles winner since 1936.

(Laura Robson won Wimbledon’s Junior Girls’ Championship in 2008, so he wasn’t the first British winner of a Wimbledon trophy, no matter what the some of the mainstream media might have you believe!)

Gary Unused Andy Murray tribute

Gary’s unused Andy Murray tribute, commissioned by Scotland’s Sunday Mail. Colour by Yel Zamor.

Gary came up with more than one design for the cover, the final choice perhaps more in keeping with the star himself, but for my money Gary’s ‘Superman’-inspired cover was a great idea, giving what Gary called a “wee nod” to Alex Ross.

The art was coloured by the talented Yel Zamor, whose credits also include Hero 9-5 and The Interactives.

Roller Grrrls is a new comic book featuring the thrills, spills and action of Roller Derby… both on and off the track! It’s being extensively promoted on social media and well worth checking out at

The Sunday Mail is Scotland’s best-selling newspaper. Rich in heritage like sister title the Daily Record, it offers Scottish exclusives, award-winning investigative features, campaigning journalism.

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