Ghost Chef stalks the Sunday Times

Ghost Chef by Sarah McIntyre

Ace comic creator Sarah McIntyre reports that her character Ghost Chef features in today’s Sunday Times in one of their occasional Funday Tmes supplements.

“The Funday Times supplement used to come out weekly, but now only comes out every so often,” she explains, “this time to celebrate the release of Tim Burton’s latest animation, Frankenweenie. I came up with a new Ghost Chef character just for the occasion.

“It usually has a Scooby-Doo strip, but I’m hoping their latest commission might mean they’re interested in having home-grown comics on a more regular basis. Fingers crossed!

The half-page comics strip was commissioned by Sunday Times Supplements Editor Karen Robinson.

Ever busy, Sarah also reports she is appearing at a London event with Booktrust and their comics-artist-in-residence Hannah Berry on 19th November at the Word Centre. Tickets are £6 and there are details here on the Booktrust web site.


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