Glenrothes Comic Con returns to the Rothes Halls next Saturday – 9 June 2018

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Last year Fife Council put on the inaugural Glenrothes Comic Con in the town’s Rothes Halls with artist Gary Erskine as the event’s Creative Director. Gary’s participation ensured that the event was a truly comics flavoured comic con and the organiser’s target of 1000 people through the doors was shattered when over 3000 people attended.

With a turnout of that size it is unsurprising that the event is running again this year. Doors will open at 9:30am on Saturday 9 June 2018 and it will run through to 5:00pm and entry on the door will be only £3 per person with children under 5 years of age getting in for free.

As with last year there will be a strong turnout of comics creators.

Glenrothes Comic Con 2018 Guests

Amrit Birdi
Amrit Birdi is a No.1 Times Best-Selling Comic Book Artist, most widely known for best known for illustrating Joe Sugg’s Username:Series (Hodder & Stoughton). He and his team have delivered comic art, concept design, storyboards and commercial illustration for international brands and publishers such as Netflix, Square Enix, Sky, Porsche, Universal, Hachette, Pepsi Co, ITV, Ubisoft, Nike, Warner Bros and Titan Comics.

John-Paul Bove
John-Paul Bove is a UK based freelance comic book writer and colourist, having worked for a number of UK and US titles. He is perhaps best known for his work on Transformers for IDW and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Panini. He has also worked on a wide variety of titles such as Judge Dredd, Doctor Who, Dungeons and Dragons, MASK, Godzilla, and My Little Pony. He also recently completed the remastering and recolouring of the Transformers Definitive G1 Collection for Hachette. John-Paul has also released a creator-owned book “UnEarth” and is currently working on another called “Genius Loci“.

Jessica Bradley-Bove
Jess is a comic artist and writer. She writes and draws Squid Bits for The Phoenix and self-publishes her own books. She has worked for publishers such as Buster Books, Capstone, and Image Comics. Jess has a two year-old son who is the subject of her comic Tiny Overlord. She enjoys reading, 80s horror films, drawing sharks and trying to get her son to enjoy retrowave music with her.  Her Twitter and Instagram are both @VenkmanProject

Gary Chudleigh
Gary Chudleigh is a Glasgow based award-winning writer, best known for Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles [with previous Glenrothes guest Tanya Roberts] and the one-shot reboot of the DC Thomson character, Invisible Dick. He’s been writing and producing comics for several years, working with publishers such as BHP Comics, DC Thomson, Grayhaven Comics and FutureQuake Press.

Dave Cook
Founder of independent studio Card Shark Comics, Dave is the author and creator of cyberpunk smash hit Killtopia, which broke Kickstarter in February 2018 and is now signed to BHP Comics. Working with artists and other creatives around the world, Dave has also released his ongoing dark fantasy series Vessels, post-apocalyptic road trip saga Bust and much more.

Gary Erskine
Gary Erskine has worked in the comic industry for over twenty five years for Marvel, DC Comics, Vertigo, Dark Horse Comics, Image, IDW and other companies with writers Mark Millar, Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, and Grant Morrison on books including The Unwritten, War Stories, The Massive with Brian Wood, and Grindhouse with Alex De Campi, with characters as diverse as Judge Dredd, Starman, Dan Dare and Captain America. He has also contributed to licenses including Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Transformers and Terminator. He mentors film students on storyboarding, teaches workshops at schools and libraries and is currently writing and publishing Roller Grrrls. Future work includes Incendiary:US and Zachariah Gunn: Dakota. Gary has also provided storyboards and concept design work for the games and film industry and also works commercially with clients including D’Agostini, Sony, EA Games COLORS, Team GB British Cycling, J League and the Joshua Agency. He has also contributed a short story to the successful Metal Made Flesh series for Subversive Comics working with writer Cy Dethan called The Final Piece Of Me. Recent work includes the companion graphic novel to the Frontlines series of sci-fi novels by Marko Kloos, written by Ivan Brandon for Jet City Comics. Gary also hosts character design workshops for schools, teaches storyboards for the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and more recently provided workshops for the Prince’s Trust.

Mike Garley
Mike Garley is an EMMY nominated writer best known for writing comics for Adventure Time, Wallace and Gromit, as well as creator-owned projects The Kill Screen, Samurai Slasher, and Eponymous.  Since attaining his Masters in 2010 Mike has contributed to various books and articles on writing, and self-publishing. Mike also lectures on Creative Writing, and Scriptwriting for Film and TV.

Jennie Gyllblad
Jennie is a full-time comic creator in the UK independent scene. She paints traditionally, using mostly watercolour, gouache and ink.  Current comic projects include fantasy webcomic Skal, spooky webcomic Vigor Mortis (with writer Ella McConnell), space opera comic By Man & Angels and the erotic comic collection Jenitales.

Morag Kewell
Morag lives in Glasgow, Scotland and was resolved in 2007 after a trip to Japan to go everywhere, draw everything and sample every local beer on offer. She won two Scottish Independent Comic Book Awards for her first travel diary ‘Big in Japan’ in 2013, and has so far released two of her full-colour diary/guides to South East Asia, entitled ‘Crossing Borders’. She is currently working on her third Crossing Borders instalment, (Japan and South Korea) in between running a small sculpture business and being a taiko drummer and synth noisemaker.

Monty Nero
@montynero writes, and draws comics – including X-Men, The Hulk, Death Sentence with Mike Dowling for Titan Comics, Hollow Monsters (currently on Kickstarter), @MontyandZuzu with Zyzanna Dominiak (online), and various other stories for Marvel, Delcourt, Vertigo and 2000AD. He has a Masters from the University of Dundee in Comics and Graphic Novels, where he won the Duncan of Jordanstone prize, and has just finished a new story for the X-Men Gold Annual 2018. His agent for written work is James Wills at Watson, Little Ltd and he lives and works in Dundee as part of the Inkpot studio.

Craig Paton
Delighted to include Craig Paton as one of our guests this year. A professional illustrator and artist working from Glasgow, Scotland, Craig is a relative newcomer to the comics world. Currently creating artwork for the cyberpunk action title, Killtopia, Craig previously produced the cover art for the Card Shark Comics series Bust. Outside of comics, Craig has been a professional illustrator for over a decade. As well as working on video games and movies, he is recognised for his work for commercial clients, like Edinburgh Gin, Holland & Sherry and BBC Scotland.

Thibaud de Rochebrune
Thibaud de Rochebrune is a French comic book artist currently living in London. He’s been working in the French comics industry for 17 years. Not quite settled on what universe he prefers, he’s been working on heroic fantasy, science fiction, historic and thriller comics along the years, with many different writers. Having just finished an episode of “La geste des chevaliers Dragons” / “The Chronicles of the Dragon Knights” (Delcourt /Soleil Publishing) he is currently working on a science fiction novel with Denis Bajram and Valérie Mangin (“Universal War One” Marvel, “Alix Senator” Dupuis Publishing). He is coming to present his latest comics in French (A l’origine des contes: Pinocchio) and in English (Filii), for his first ever comics convention in the UK.

Graeme Neil Reid
Scottish illustrator with a strong ink style and a love of traditional illustration. Now mostly producing painted work in watercolour, gouache and acrylic. His work has graced books (The Dangerous Book of Heroes), television (World’s Strongest Man), gaming (Need for Speed), magazines (Radio Times), comics (2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine), apps and online (Doctor Who) and much more.

Neil Slorance
Neil is an illustrator and comic artist working in Glasgow. Best known for his work on Dungeon Fun and Doctor Who, Neil also does regular political cartoons with The National and self publishes his own comics.

Jess Taylor
Born in Canada and raised in the UK on a diet of Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing, Jess Taylor was drawing before they could write. Beginning their award-winning career in 2006, they have worked on a variety of comics including “Stan Lee’s Lucky Man“, “First Contact: Reconstructions“, “Cure for Fire“, and their first comic “Arrowborne“. Currently Jess is working on “Chevalier“, an LGBT fantasy romance combining their signature whimsical art style with contemplative prose, and “Can I Talk About Burnout“, an introspective auto-biographical comic. In their spare time Jess consumes science fiction in any and every form they can find, and has high hopes one day their cat Lottie will be the first cat on the moon.

MJ Wallace
MJ is a comic artist & illustrator from Glasgow. She makes comics about her life, bisexuality, ghosts and much more! Her work has appeared in places like BBC’s The Social, the Hens Tae Watch Oot Fur zine and TGC (Scotland’s all-female comics anthology). She also publishes her own books, such as “Rollerskates & Breakfast Dates” and most recently “Bi The Way”.

Yel Zamor
Yel is a British illustrator, dreamer and colourist with fond Eastern European roots. Nicknamed ‘The Rainbow Wrangler’, their collaborative efforts span a decade in the comics industry. Independent publishers – Markosia (‘The Interactives’ , ‘Hero: 9 – 5’ Volume 1 & 2), Subversive Comics (‘Super Robot Mayhem’). Major labels – Marvel (‘Revolutionary War: Warheads’), Dark Horse (‘Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight’), Jet City Comics/Amazon (‘Frontlines: Requiem’). Their designs and graphics can be seen in online and mobile games, like ‘Catamancer’, an entirely cat-themed magic strategy card adventure from Frostbolt Games. Yel’s hobbies delve further into creative skills of costume & prop crafting, sculpture and resin casting. They are also hopelessly obsessed with archery, studying Olympic Recurve style and battling in local London tournaments. Yel is owned by four cats.

There are more details of the event on the Glenrothes Comic Con Facebook page.

Tickets can be pre-booked at the OnFife website.

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