GOSH Comics host Tom Gauld ‘Goliath’ book launch

Tom Gauld is a firm favourite at GOSH Comics in London, so they’re properly chuffed to be hosting the launch of his new graphic novel Goliath, a stripped-down, reworking of the David and Goliath myth, published by Drawn & Quarterly.

Goliath tells the story of the famous giant from the Bible from his side, and is not what you’d expect at all. Far from being the towering, bloodthirsty killer we remember, this Goliath is a gentle giant, who has been unwillingly conscripted into the army, and would rather be doing paperwork than fighting.

You may be familiar with Tom Gault’s work in The Guardian, and this book brings to life a melancholy, sad, earnest, bewildered character, in sparse and striking images and prose that reworks this story in any manner of ways: from the futility of warfare, how we judge others wrongly on their appearance, the macabre humour of cumbersome bureaucracy that takes over even on the front line of a battlefield, questioning whether a power structure is a good thing if orders have to obeyed unthinkingly, and more.

We’ve seen an advance pages of the book, and it’s tremendous fun – well worth tracking down.

On Friday 9th March, Gauld will be at Gosh to sign copies of the book from 6.30pm, then at 7pm they’ll get down to the important business of wetting the baby’s head. Get along and shake his hand! 

“Not only is he one of the finest cartoonists in Britain, he’s a thoroughly lovely chap too,” say the GOSH team.

Gosh will even have an exclusive Gosh! Bookplate Edition available on the night.

The Rest of the Tom Gauld Goliath Tour so far…

10th March: Signing at Forbidden Planet, Cambridge. Details
15th March: Signing at Here, Bristol. Details
29th March: Signing at NoBrow HQ, London. Details

4th April: Signing and talk at Analogue, Edinburgh. Website
5th April: Signing and talk at Travelling Man, Leeds. Website
21st April: Comica Comiket, London. Details

Tom then hops across the ond for events there…

28th and 29th April: Signing at MOCCA, New York. Details
5th and 6th May: Signing at TCAF, Toronto. Details

More US and Canada dates coming soon. 

• Check Tom’s web site for signings info at: www.tomgauld.com

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