Renegade set to release ‘Tales of the Buddha’ collection

Renegade Arts Entertainment have announced that they will be publishing the first ever complete collection of Alan Grant, Jon Haward and Jamie Grant’s long-running humour strip Tales of The Buddha Before He Became Enlightened.

Collecting the entire 66-page saga to date initially for digital release in April, followed by a print release in the autumn, Tales of the Buddha answers the much asked questions about just what this holiest of men got up to before gaining enlightenment.

The strips take a very lighthearted approach to Buddha’s journey of discovery as he samples other religions and hangs out with well known religious icons, as well as getting the chance to experience life’s pleasures along the way.

“I’ve been aware of the strips for a long time thanks to Wasted magazine and working with Alan,” explains publisher Alexander Finbow, “and I was intrigued when the guys suggested we release the collection through Renegade.

“I sat down with the strips to get up to speed and found myself laughing out loud which was reason enough to say yes straight away.

“I’m overjoyed that Renegade will be releasing Tales of the Buddha as an e-book,” says Alan Grant. “I consider it to be my funniest work since the sad demise of Lobo. It contains some of Jon Haward’s most beautiful and delicate art, with colouring and lettering by Jamie Grant of Superman fame. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll…with a smattering of violence. My copy is already ordered!”

“I’m very pleased that after 10 years, the Buddha’s tales has a publisher with ‘faith’ in the crazy funny tales written by my inspirational friend Alan Grant,” adds Jon. “It’s been a total joy and honour to work on these stories. I have laughed at every story and I hope the collection will entertain and raise a smile for all readers.

“Let the enlightenment begin!”

Alan Grant is without doubt one of the most successful and prolific comic book writers in the industry. Having written many stories for the UK’s 2000AD including the man himself, Judge Dredd. His work then found an international audience at DC Comics, with Lobo, Batman and The Demon amongst his many successes.

In 25 years in the publishing world Jon has worked on iconic comic titles and characters including Judge Dredd, Dan Dare, Spectacular Spider-Man, Shinobi, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and Doctor Who.

Renegade is a creator owned publisher of comic books – but only a few and they are very discerning with their choices. Their mix so far has been from experienced A list writers – including Gordon Rennie and PJ Holden’s amazing and much-anticpated Monsterology – and artists and newer blood who pitched projects just too good to turn down.

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