Grimalkin Press launches Kickstarter for Simon Moreton’s first full-length graphic novel


US publisher Grimalkin Press has launched a Kickstarter to fund Simon Moreton‘s first full length comic collection, Plans We Made – a hauntingly beautiful and poetic look at the cartography of youth.

Based in Bristol, Simon is a zine maker and artist, described by UK comics critic Andy Oliver as “one of the most important and intelligent creative voices in current UK small press comics”.

One of Simon Moreton's evocative illustrations for Plans We Made. Art © Simon Moreton

One of Simon Moreton’s evocative illustrations for Plans We Made. Art © Simon Moreton

Plans We Made is Simon’s debut full-length book and Grimalkin say they’re “stoked to be bringing his work to a whole new audience”. The 160-page black and white project is described as a sparse and thoughtful reflection on the cartography of youth, connecting the points between the quiet streets you ran through as a child, the unwieldy chaos of house parties, and those moments when the outside world begins to seep into our teenage bubbles. It’s a memoir, mapped out against the backdrop of the suburban houses, gardens, hills, rivers and streets of South East England.

“Normally the fund-raising period for books we publish is long and drawn out and involves eating lots of top ramen and penny pinching,” say Grimalkin. “However Simon’s book has garnered a bit of attention and we have the opportunity to get it nationally distributed through acclaimed publisher Uncivilized Books.

“The thing is we need to get it printed in time to meet their schedules for the fall catalog, which requires that we go to print well ahead of what our current budget will allow.

One of Simon Moreton's evocative illustrations for Plans We Made. Art © Simon Moreton

Art © Simon Moreton

“…The book is done. It’s ready to go to the printers. All we need is the funds to do that.”

By becoming a backer now supporters will be getting the book months ahead of the public release and Grimalkin have put together some fun reward bundles if you would like a bit more than just the book.

By supporting the project you’ll be helping this book get made and launching it into national distribution in the US which is huge for an indie book like this – and in turn, that might just help other British indie creators gain exposure on the other side of the pond, too. Instead of just selling it to comics fans at conventions it’ll be in stores like Barnes and Noble, putting Simon’s unique brand of thoughtful cartooning in front of a whole new audience.

View the Kickstarter here

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