Guest Post: Support British Comics, urges Lew Stringer

A panel from "Team Toxic" by Lew Stringer

A panel from “Team Toxic” by Lew Stringer

Comic artist and writer Lew Stringer argues the case for more positivity from fans about the current British comics industry…

There’s often a bit of negativity on the ‘net about the British comics industry and how things were so much better in the old days. Well, the same could be said about the UK film industry, or its television output, or its music, or car industries…. You get the point.

Yes, lots of things were more popular and plentiful years ago but that’s no excuse to ignore what’s happening now. We live in the present, not the past, so let’s celebrate what we have, not run it down or dismiss it. Being snarky about comics does no one any good.

You’re not keen on some modern comics? Okay, then focus on the current ones you do like and tell people about those, to do something to support the industry. (Same applies to fans of US comics by the way).

The truth is, there’s still a lot of good comics material being produced in Britain, from mainstream and independent publishers as I covered here a few weeks ago. The evidence is out there, but that doesn’t seem to stop the moaning minnies claiming otherwise.

I can appreciate that people have a preference for the comics of their youth. We all feel that, but time moves on, and there’s no more likelihood of something like Valiant returning than there is of Ally Sloper’s Half Holiday making a comeback. The future of British comics is in the hands of existing professionals and fresh new talent.

Anyway, I for one am pleased that British comics are still around, which leads me to a cheeky plug for the latest issue of TOXIC magazine, out today. Yes, it’s a magazine, but it does feature some comic strips, including my regular two pages of “Team Toxic”. This issue they go underground to discover the Troll Town and encounter a giant robot ant!

This is what I’ve always loved about my 32 years in British comics; the pure daftness of what we can put into our stories. Long may it continue!

• TOXIC Magazine is published by Egmont and is available in newsagents and supermarkets | Official site: | Find TOXIC Magazine on Facebook | Follow TOXIC Magazine on Twitter @ToxicMagUK

• This post first appeared on Lew’s invaluable “Blimey! It’s Another Blog About Comics” and is cross-posted here with full permission

Lew Stringer

Lew Stringer

• Lew Stringer works as a professional humour comics artist and writer and has  been freelancing full time since 1984, creating many characters such as Tom Thug, Pete and his Pimple, Combat Colin and many more. He’s freelanced for IPC, Marvel Comics, Egmont, Panini, D.C. Thomson, and many others, covering the comics field from originated characters to licensed properties, pre-school to adult on comics and his recent work includes “The Daft Dimension” for Doctor Who Magazine, “Team Toxic” for Egmont’s TOXIC Magazine, “Rasher”, “Doctor Flu”, “Lord Snooty” and ‘Ivy the Terrible’ for The Beano and “Felix and His Amazing Underpants’, ‘Pathetic Sharks’ and ‘Suicidal Syd’ for adult comic VIZ.

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