Hallowe’en BEANO is a perfect starting point for new readers!

This week’s BEANO – this year’s Hallowe’en issue – is a great edition to pick up this week for any kids you are trying to get interested in comics. The Hallowe’en theme is carried out throughout, with monsters and mummies and all sorts of horrific goings-on.

Beano – Issue 4108: Night of the Were-Minx - cover by Laura Howell
Beano – Issue 4108: Night of the Were-Minx – cover by Laura Howell

This issue features “The Beano All-Stars” by Nigel “Afterlife” Auchterlounie and Nigel “Nightmare” Parkinson. Minnie the Minx facing her greatest fear, by Andy “Phantom” Fanton and Laura “Howwwl” Howell, and a Dennis story by “Nigel Auchter-boo-nie” and “Nigel Pumkin-son”. It’s always good to see Hunt (“Haunt”) Emerson on the back page, as well.

Beano – Issue 4108 - Minnie the Minx
Watch as Minnie the Minx becomes her worst nightmare – Soppy Susan!
Beano – Issue 4108 - Spook Bashers
Dennis and the gang discover a hidden den deep in Beanotown woods – something happened here! But what? And who are the mysterious Spook Bashers that used to live here?
Beano – Issue 4108 - Bash Street Kids
It’s time for Bash Street School’s annual Halloween party. But the only thing scary at this party is the Olives’ food! Can the Bash Street Kids bring a little more terror to the party and make it a truly petrifying party?
Beano – Issue 4108 - Bananaman
Witchy Witch doesn’t want any trick or treaters coming to her house, so she’s zapping them all! So Eric has to dress in his favourite costume and become Bananaman!
Beano – Issue 4108 - Dennis and Gnasher
Dennis has awoken an ancient Mummy’s curse! Apparently taking a selfie with a mummy will do that – who would have guessed?! It’s up to Dennis to put the mummy back in the tomb, or Beanotown is doomed!

It’s a perfect issue to see what is going on in BEANO these days, really inventive and funny. Perhaps that’s why its been increasing sales, year on year.

It might not be the BEANO you remember, but it’s just as well written and drawn and aimed at kids with different expectations. And if you’ve no kids to buy it for, well, just buy it for yourself! It’s still a great read!

Peter Duncan

BEANO is on sale in all good newsagents and available on subscription from BEANO.com

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  1. I think you missed part of the preview out, the picture shows Har-Har’s Joke Shop, but the caption is Bananaman.

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