How Much Is A Fanzine Worth?

Just how much is a fanzine worth? For the buyer, in theory, it is worth the amount of money that he has just paid for it. If it wasn’t that good and the buyer believes that it is worth less than what he paid for it then he probably won’t be buying any more. On the other hand, if he liked it he will be happy to pay the money for the next issue.

How much are old fanzines worth? Since there are never that many copies of a given issue of a fanzine printed they are, by definition, rare. Of course just because they are rare it doesn’t necessarily follow that they are valuable. The amount that you are willing to pay rather depends on how badly you want a copy and how many other people also want it.

So how much for a copy of a British fanzine called Seminar from 1970? Issue 2 has articles on Batman, Doc Savage and Stan Lee. It has artwork by Paul Neary and Trev Goring and a pencil sketch of Captain America by Gene Colan. It has just sold on eBay for £325.00 plus postage.

Why £325? Of course there has to be a very good reason – the issue also has a two page article by a teenage writer about the character The Shadow. The teenager would dabble in artwork as well as non-fiction before moving on to write fiction. His name? Alan Moore.

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