Hunt Emerson tackles some Myth Conceptions

Myth Conceptions by Mat Coward, illustrated by Hunt Emerson

Hunt Emerson continues to create numerous cartoons for a wide variety of publications and has just launched a new website,, replacing his older one (although it’s still live)

Hunt’s work features in the new Myth Conceptions, a collection of material from Fortean Times magazine written by Mat Coward. This 128 page book debunks and dispels popular Myths, such as was rugby football invented in 1823 at Rugby School? Does wearing tight underwear reduce male fertility? Do ostriches really bury their heads in the sand?

The book costs £7 plus postage, and, although it’s available elsewhere, if you order it from Hunt’s web site he’ll sign it and do a little drawing if you ask for one:

• If you’d like to meet Hunt in person this Summer, he’s in Herne Bay on Saturday 3rd August as part of an amazing Pro Cartoonists “LIve Cartoonists” event, celebrating the centenary of Marcel Duchamp’s 1913 summer holiday there. More information here


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