Ian Churchill’s Marineman stands in support of Prevented Ocean Plastic for UN World Oceans Day 2022

First published over ten years ago, Ian Churchill’s Marineman returns to help spread the word about Prevented Ocean Plastic and encourage people to #ChooseRecycled – as part of this year’s UN World Oceans Day, taking place today, Wednesday 8th June.

Ian Churchill’s Marineman - World Oceans Day 2022

With the theme of ‘Collective Action for the Ocean’, Marineman and his team are shown trying to stop the dreaded plastic monster before it reaches the sea in the style of a classic comic book cover.

Prevented Ocean Plastic is responsible for stopping over 1000 tonnes of plastic reaching the ocean every month, ensuring that it can be effectively and affordably recycled into new plastic for fresh usage.

“I created Marineman because of my love of comic books and the ocean, so to have him prominently supporting this effort to protect the oceans and prevent plastic going beyond the beach so it can be recycled felt like a natural fit to me. This is exactly the kind of thing Steve Ocean would be doing if he was a real person”, says Marineman creator, Ian Churchill.

Prevented Ocean Plastic is supplied by Bantam Materials, and is a high quality, certified and award-winning recycled plastic material that has been collected from coastal areas at risk of ocean plastic pollution. Used by supermarkets and brands around the world – including original adopters Lidl GB and Groupe Guillin – it meets regulatory health and safety standards, and can be identified on-pack by its distinctive triangular logo.

According to director Raffi Schieir, “We’re so happy Ian Churchill and Marineman are committed to partner and act with Prevented Ocean Plastic this UN World Oceans Day. Choosing recycled products is so important as it ensures recycling has already happened.

“By preferring ocean-bound plastic you are protecting the oceans and marine life, reducing CO2 emissions, cutting the need for more virgin plastic and supporting people working in materials collection in developing countries across the world. Thank you to all the fans and followers of Ian Churchill’s Marineman for supporting this good work!”

Marineman fans, and those who share his concerns about the impact of ocean plastic, are encouraged to share this new image and sign the pledge to #ChooseRecycled on this UN World Oceans Day today, Wednesday 8th June). You can sign up and find out more at www.preventedoceanplastic.com/un-world-oceans-day-2022

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