ICv2 delves into Digital Comic Subscriptions, asking if they’re gong “Netflix”

Tapastic Home Page - 2014

For a while in the late Aughts, the Apple iTunes Store model was the predominant way to buy digital content: individual items from an enormous catalog, priced to buy one at a time. Then along came Netflix, with unlimited access to a more curated selection for a monthly price that adds up to a fraction of what the content would cost by the piece.

Over on comics industry web site ICV2, Rob Salkowitz notes that while the Netflix model has not supplanted digital purchasing or pay-per-view, especially for new releases and deep cuts that don’t make it into the relatively shallow assortments of streaming services, it has definitely gained momentum among consumers and paved the way for Netflix, Amazon and their ilk to become platforms for original content as well.

“Is the same shift happening in the world of digital comics and graphic novels?” he asks. “Streaming and digital subscription services have been around for a while, but the vast majority of transactions during the 2010-2014 years of market growth were individual sales through comiXology’s storefront.”

Recently, however, more players – including comiXology – have been experimenting with the monthly fee model. These include comics publishers, standalone apps and platforms, as well as services like Scribd and Crunchyroll that include comics and manga among other content offerings.

Rob’s article is useful round up of the current state of play for some services, although there’s no coverage of some digital plays such as Tapastic, or SEQUENTIUAL.

Read Rob Salkowitz’s full column, with a round up of each US-based digital comic service’s current offering and announced plansICv2: Digital Comic Subscriptions: State of the Industry

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