IlluXcon Artists Line Up gathers pace

The third annual IlluXCon symposium whose guests include SciFi Art Now contributors Bob Eggleton and Patrick Jones, will take place in Altoona, Pennsylvania in the United States on November 11-14, 2010.

As the only convention exclusively dedicated to fantastic art, IlluXCon welcomes artists, students, collectors, and fans to a four-day celebration of the field.

IlluXCon features the largest gathering of fantastic art and artists in the world and this year’s event will feature nearly 60 artists in the main exhibition, with many more included in the IlluXCon Showcase. These include Greg Hildebrandt, John Jude Palencar, Boris Vallejo, and SciFi Art Now contributors Scott Altmann, Bob Eggleton and Patrick Jones.

Several hundred original paintings and drawings will be on display at the show, along with demonstrations, lectures, round tables, art director portfolio reviews, and a live bronze pour.

IlluXCon 3 will also feature a special exhibition culled from the forthcoming Vanguard book A Century of Dragons. Dragons will feature the 100 best contemporary dragon paintings and artists, and roughly a quarter of those original works will be on display at the show.

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