Destinauts arrives online

destinauts1p3.jpgComic creator Ian Hewett, who’s also behind the mediablog Dystopian Fuschia, has just launched a free web comic, Destinauts.

The comics opens with a mysterious object falling to Earth, crashing in the small town of Calendering… Five years later, and the world has changed. Dozens of supervillains, and one superhero, Chief Justice, now walk the Earth…

After capturing most of the villains, one remained. Following the surrender of his final foe, Chief Justice, blinded by the public’s hero worship, goes too far, placing the past, present and future of mankind in jeopardy. In a desperate move, three of the captured villains are drafted to stop him. Cynicus, Dr Fubar and The Human Wall are the Destinauts, and they must travel through time to undo the damage caused by mankind’s champion, as he attempts to change the past. But they’re not alone…

destinauts1p7complete.jpgAs they confront history head on, they encounter the unexpected and the impossible. Will they settle their own personal scores with their target? Is he as pure and good as people believe? And is there a far worse threat waiting around the corner?

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