Improper Books announces Night Post, readies for Thought Bubble

Art from Night Post – art by Laura Trinder

There will be plenty to see and do at Thought Bubble this coming weekend, not least of which will probably be attending the first British Comic Awards ceremony to find out who has won. (As one of the judges, I already know, of course, and I’m sorry I can’t be in Leeds for their presentation – but there will be delight from the winners, I’m sure).

There will also be some amazing comics on sale, and I urge you to check out the work of Improper Books, whose simply gorgeous-looking projects caught my eye some time back.

Improper Books is a collective of comic creators formed in 2009 by writer Benjamin Read and artist Laura Trinder and Chris Wildgoose. While collaborating together on the set of UK independent feature Warhouse, the trio discovered a mutual love for comics, illustrated books, and the darker side of fairy tales and set about making their own.

From that, the idea of Improper Books came about; a collective of writers, artists and designers with the know-how to make comics, books and apps, all of which have a touch of the fairy tale, the Gothic or the macabre, and focused on a creator-owned model that is fair to all involved.

Since its inception, the group has grown to include artists Alice Duke and Bevis Musson, ace letterer Jim Campbell, colourists Derek Dow, Andrė May and Alex Rosa, writer/Managing Editor Matt Gibbs and more.

Benjamin Read, Laura Trinder, Chris Wilgdoose, Bevis Musson and Matt Gibbs will be in the New Dock Hall, where they’ll have a variety of books and give aways on offer, including free colour promo comics of their forthcoming graphic novel Porcelain: A Gothic Fairy Tale in the build up to the release of the complete book in February 2013, plus signing a limited run of B&W previews of Butterfly Gate: Beginnings.

Laura will be showing off her work on the forthcoming title Night Post, which she is creating with Benjamin Read. A picture book for all ages, Night Post is the story of the other mail service, the one you haven’t heard of, the one that starts work at midnight and delivers to all the creatures of the night.

They’ll also have some early sneak peaks of Bevis and Matt’s Knight & Dragon, plus copies of Bevis’ self published Dead Queen Detectives Omnibus: The II Edition, which collects the the first two issues together with 12 new pages and a colour cover.

Chris, Laura and Bevis will also be taking it in turns throughout the weekend to sketch at the table, and take orders for any commissions you might want from them in the run up to Christmas.

Porcelain: A Gothic Fairy Tale will be out in February, while Night Post is scheduled for the end of next year, for a Hallowe’en release.

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