In Pictures: Comic Creators unite for second Swindon Small Press Day 2018

Swindon Small Press Event 2018

The second Swindon Small Press Event took place at The Incredible Comic Shop in Swindon last month. It’s a great comic shop full of everything that a fan needs. (Along with some dodgy looking small press creators on SPE).

The brainchild of uber fan and talented artist Sarah Harris, she sat down with artist and fellow Awesome Comics Podcast host Vince Hunt and me, and told us that last year’s event was such a success that running another one was a no brainier. Have a listen to Episode 142 of The Awesome Comics Podcast for a short interview with her.

I was going to write a long piece about the comics world coming together and laughing and talking and creating but I think that these photos speak better than a thousand words could do.

You’ve probably already spotted artist, writer and editor David Leach (fourth from right, above), who was signing copies of Psycho Gran and David Leach Conquers the Universe.

Swindon Small Press Event 2018 - Susie Gander and Andy Hanks

(No Gang Signs Gander!) Susie Gander had a table selling her comic Perrywinkle as well as some issues of the Little Heroes anthology. She can be seen here on the right of this photo, posing with artist Andy Hanks (AKA I Am Zoot).

Swindon Small Press Event 2018 - Steve Simms

Steve Simms is the man in the hat here. He was sharing some original sketching and comics Beast Hunting Battle Badgers chat with punters! (Here’s a little taster of that comic, too – find out more on Facebook).

Beast Hunting Battle Badgers

Swindon Small Press Event 2018 - Awesome Comics Podcast, Wine and Zine ( Claire Spiller and Jessica Langley)

Vince Hunt and myself were there representing The Awesome Comics Podcast and selling our comics. On the right of the photo are Claire Spiller and Jessica Lesley from the art collective ‘Wine and Zine’. Their comics were selling like hot cakes!

Wine and Zine Collective - Doggo Charity Zine

The Wine and Zine Collective is a collaboration between five friends who animate and draw comics. They met while studying Animation at The University of South Wales, Newport in 2009 and their titles include the Doggo Charity Zine, a collaboration of 67 talented artists, animators and dog lovers worldwide who’ve created a vast variety of beautiful doggo art for charity. All proceeds from the zines will be going to the Dogs Trust.

Swindon Small Press Event 2018 - Awesome Comics Podcast’s. Ince Hunt

Vince even got a cheer when he came out of the toilet!

This is a real comics community event organised by the mighty Sarah Harris! If you are lucky enough to get asked next year, I can highly recommend attending! Great for sale and laughs.

That can’t be bad can it?

Many thanks for reading.

• The Incredible Comic Shop is at 22a, The Arcade, Brunel Centre, Swindon. Web: | Find them on Facebook

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