In Review: Gideon Gunn, Pagan Priest

If you’re a fan of Hammer Horror, then Gideon Gunn, Pagan Priest, the creation of writer Daniel Whiston and artist Andrew Richmond, should be right up your street.

Largely set in 18th century Bath, the first issue offers a series of fear-soaked tales, all with a nod to the best of Hammer Films, but all-new in their frenetic delivery. Establishing the character at speed, at times laying trails for future developments, the tales centre on Gideon Gunn, a master practitioner of the Dark Arts, a man driven to combat the very worst of evils – be that vampires, monsters, or, worse yet, the corrupt elite of England…

Gideon Gunn, Pagan Priest, by Andrew Richmond

From Holy Scripture to Silver Bullets, Gideon has a simple, two-­fisted philosophy – if it works when it comes to beating evil, use it! This Man of God is going to need all the help he can get, because the forces of darkness are circling like vultures around 18th century Bath, drawn by the re-awakening of the Goddess Sulis.

Gideon Gunn, Pagan Priest, by Andrew Richmond

Over three stories, Daniel and Andrew’s storytelling and delivery grow in confidence throughout this first issue, in terms of both script and art, and those of you who grew up enjoying Dez Skinn’s House of Hammer comic will appreciate the echoes.

That the stories are told against the background of historic, Georgian Bath – we even get a bonus “Wyrd Bath” map! – is icing on the cake.

This is an inventive, enjoyable romp of an independent comic, well worth tracking down and staking your copy.

John Freeman

Gideon Gunn, Pagan Priest is available to buy direct from Andrew Richmond here for £7 including UK postage

Daniel Whiston is a writer of stuff, including Neroy Sphinx which was published by FutureQuake Press, who still has a shamefully-minimal online presence. In fact, zero. Which is something he really should do something about. But in the meantime, a well-received lecture he gave on The Relationship Between Comics and Digital Content Design at the UCD15 conference can be downloaded here

You can also read a smashing two-part interview he did with Alan Moore here and here on downthetubes.

Comic creator and illustrator Andrew Richmond

An an artist based in Bath, Andrew Richmond started doing a sketch a day six years ago and continues to do so. You’re almost certainly familiar with his work in various The77 Publications, including Blazer (Issue Three on sale now) and Pandora.

He also creates mixed-media pieces using pen, ink, watercolour, acrylic and oil paint, his illustrations spanning subjects including buildings, pop culture, portraits and much more.

Andrew is online at | Instagram | Twitter

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