In Review: Hallowscream Issue Fourteen

Rising once more from its uncanny year-long slumber, the latest edition of Hallowscream, an annual tribute to the short-lived British horror comic, Scream, was released back in October as a free digital download from the Back to the Depths “Theatre of Terror” website.

Back from the Depths was originally founded as a tribute site dedicated to Scream!, the short-lived UK creepy comic phenomenon from the early 1980, a property now owned by 2000AD publisher Rebellion. Scream! graced comic shelves during an important era for British comics, which saw the title contending for shelf space with legendary weeklies such as Eagle, 2000AD, Battle, Misty, Tiger and many more.

Hallowscream was first published back in 2009, and has regularly offered some terrific short horror strips, an enjoyable publication in its own right, originally inspired by the creators love of Britain’s only attempt at a weekly horror comic, Scream, a project eviscerated by its publisher, to the longstanding dismay of its editor, Barrie Tomlinson, and various contributors, including writers Simon Furman and Ian Rimmer.

The fourteenth edition of Hallowscream, available here, features strips by writers Paul Bradford, Neil Bryant, David Hailwood, Tim West, and art by Brett Burbridge, Ben Michael Byrne, Malcolm Kirk, Dunk! Nimmo, Tony Suleri and Randy Valiente, along with numerous features illustrated by Malcolm Kirk, and “Grim Gallery Artwork” by Tony Rothwell, Carol Kewley, Malcolm Kirk and Matt Soffe.

“Vampires & Aliens” – Story by Tim West, Art by Dunk! Nimmo, Letters by Bolt-01
“The Apocalypse Boys Ride Out” – Story by David Hailwood, Art by Brett Burbridge, Letters by Ken Reynolds
“Mods Vs Mutants” – Story by David Hailwood & Neil Bryant, Art by Tony Suleri, Letters by David Hailwood
“Snapper & Drilby” – Story by Tim West, Art by Ben Michael Byrne, Letters by Bolt-01

There’s plenty to enjoy in this free anthology comic, but for me, the highlights are “Vampires & Aliens” by Tim West, with assured art by Dunk! Nimmo, lettered by the late, much-missed Bolt-01, “The Apocalypse Boys Ride Out” by David Hailwood, with art by Brett Burbridge, lettered by Ken Reynolds, and the chilling “Snapper & Drilby” by Tim West, with suitably atmospheric art by Ben Michael Byrne, also lettered by Bolt-01.

Stunning gallery art by Matt Soffe helps round out this issue of Hallowscream

Malcolm Kirk’s features provide a funny, enjoyable addition to the line up and Matt Soffe’s wonderful tributes to classic Universal monsters in the gallery are, simply, are superb.

The Back from the Depths team caution that they cannot be held responsible for any unusual or supernatural effects caused by reading their comics. Possible side effects include nightmares, sweaty palms, warts, rashes, fear of the dark, wet pants, lost socks, shivers down the spine, poltergeists, bumps in the night, creaking floorboards, unnatural visitations, grey hair or a sudden horrible violent death…

John Freeman

Grab your free digital edition of Hallowscream 14 here on the Back from the Depths Theatre of Terror site | Print copies of Hallowscream can be purchased via Lulu

Check out previous editions of Hallowscream here on the Back from the Depths site

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Back from the Depths is neither endorsed by nor has any association with Rebellion Publishing. which is the owner of the copyright in and all other intellectual property rights connected with Scream!

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