In Review: Jump, a Dutch humour anthology

From The Netherlands and launched towards the end of last year, comes Jump, a 48-page monthly comic magazine for boys and girls, aimed at slightly younger readers than Eppo or Spirou.

Each issue includes a unique poster and features an exclusive comic interview with a famous person, such as a YouTuber, actor, writer or singer.

Jump - Dutch humour anthology

It was quite a risk to launch it in 2020. Like most anthology comics in Europe, it’s named for the lead strip, the work of Charel Cambré, offering a mix of humour and adventure stories featuring young teenagers, bad guys and monsters.

It’s notable for having the “Kid Lucky” strip, by Achdé (after Morris), featuring Lucky Luke as a boy, and episodes of the long running, “Suske en Wiske” strip by Willy Vanderson. You may know the latter strip better as “Bob & Bobette”, “Willy and Wanda” or “Spike and Suzy” – three different attempts to publish the stories in English that have never quite caught on.

My Dutch is even worse than my French, but highlights for me (even though I can’t read them!) are Diana De Esch‘s beautifully drawn “Darius”, which appears to be about a post-holocaust dinosaur and “Mythos”, by Cazenove and Larbier, which looks like Asterix crossed with Greek myths.

It is fascinating to compare this comic with Spirou, and Britain’s BEANO and Phoenix Comic. All seem to have unique identities. I do wonder how a crossover of styles would work here – and in Europe.

Peter Duncan

Jump is 48 pages, printed on high-quality, heavy paper. Check out the official web site at

Do note that unfortunately, post Brexit restrictions may mean it’s difficult to secure copies of this comic at a reasonable price. Hopefully these early problems resulting from our departure from the European Union will eventually be resolved

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