In Review: The Adventures of Captain Cosmic #1

The Adventures of Captain Cosmic #1 - Cover

Written and drawn by Andy W Clift

The Story: Entire planets are disappearing and fear is spreading throughout the galaxy. Prime Consoler Zoltan of the Commonwealth of Worlds calls in the only people that can help. The Galaxy Defenders known as Captain Cosmic and Kid Cosmic! Will our cosmic heroes be able to stop whatever menace that has befallen the galaxy and save the day?’

The Adventures of Captain Cosmic #1 Sample Art

The Review: Sometimes, you see the cover to a comic and you know that it’s going to be class. I was busy surfing through the new comics on the Comichaus small press comics app last week when this book caught my eye.

I’ve been a fan of Mr Clift’s work for sometime now and anything by him gets a read straightaway. This is easily the best thing he has produced up to this date. It is a glorious mix of upbeat fun and retro style.

The art and dialogue sparks and explodes with a knowing grin like watching Batman: The Animated Series crossed with some Space Ghost. It is also a comic that will leave you cheered up and watching for the next issue.

The tone is set from a cover that could have come straight off the shelf from a company like Boom! or Dynamite Entertainment – but also retains that youthful enthusiasm of Silver Age DC Comics (it even has a chess board header = glorious!)

Genuinely. This is a new series that you will enjoy and leave with a big smile on your face. It is clearly created with love for those Kirby days of outrageous spaceships and bold and grinning superheroes.

Highly recommended. Or, as I put it in a recent social media post:

“Oh Clift! You clever bastard you!”

The Adventures of Captain Cosmic #1 is available via the Comichaus app or in digital direct from Andy here (a print edition is in the works)

• Find out more about Andy, his art and this new series at or Follow him on Twitter @andyWclift

Read my interview with Andy W. Clift about The Adventures of Captain Cosmic here

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