In Review: The Wolfmen

Review by David Hailwood

Another fine offering from Accent UK, publishers of Robots, The Wolfmen successfully merges the crime and horror genre.

This time, we get a stand alone comic written by Dave West and drawn by Andy Bloor set in South East London, in the 1960s. It’s the tale of Jack Grey’s chance at making something of himself, of becoming one of the most notorious gangs of the time …. of becoming one of The Wolfmen.

The script by Dave West is incredibly well paced, and keeps the story moving along at break-neck speed; there’s never a point where I felt bogged down in unnecessary detail. Andy Bloor’s dark and gritty film noir art style complements the material perfectly – he even manages to make a splash page of a goldfish look exciting, which is quite a trick to pull off.

The only negative comments I’d level at the artwork is that some of the characters look alike, making it difficult at times to work out who’s who. Also, the character proportions (especially on one of the henchmen) are occasionally a little off. Minor details in a real page-turner of a comic.

The Wolfmen is a 60 page black and white comic, priced at £3.00 and available from Accent UK. A second instalment, Fall of the Wolfmen, will be on its way soon.

Categories: British Comics


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