Return of the Cat

British comics artist ‘Israeli reports via his blog that local stray Lucky the Half Face Cat has resurfaced post winter near his London home.

“He’s survived another winter,” says ‘Israeli, whose recent strips include various strips for 2000AD and contributions to the Who Killed Robin blog involving seven British comic creators telling an ongoing web story.

“Alhough he’s looking tattier than ever, and seems to be having a little difficulty with his back legs, he meowed at me and came over to be stroked when I spotted him on the way back from the shops yesterday.”

Bless him. (The cat. not ‘Israeli). He’s apparently vanished and resurfaced for three years on the trot, looking considerably worse for wear each time but still thriving despite his feline-styled homage to Batman’s Two Face looks.

What is it with stray Toms that they manage to all but disappear in the winter months then make a surprise re-appearance? Do they hibernate?

• Anyone who prefers birds to cats should check out New Zealand artist David Fletcher’s “Crumb” blog, dedicated to his blackbird character who features on the comics to mobile service ROK Comics.

Photo © ‘Israeli and I hope he doesn’t mind me borrowing it.

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