Is Matt Groening one of the world’s Top 100?

There’s still a couple of days left to vote in TIME’s Top 100 Poll, an annual feature in the US weekly magazine which selects the world’s most influential – note, not necessarily the most popular – people.

Along with the usual suspects in a 204 strong list of politicians, scientists, web gurus and celebrities such as Beyone Knowles, Clint Eastwood, George W. Bush and Gordon Brown are a few names you just might recognise from the worlds of comics and fantasy literature, worth some votes methinks: The Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Groening definitely gets a big hand from me, but there’s also Harry Potter creator J. K. Rowling, Back to the Future actor Michael J. Fox and Sin City creator Frank Miller.

The poll looks like it’s going to be a close run finish and you can rate every single one of the 204 nominees (should you choose, and should you actually have heard of some of them!).

Beyond the world of comics I’ve tipped my hat to Wired editor Chris Anderson, whose ‘Long Tail’ theory gives even the least known web comic creator hope they might make some money from their creation, some day; and, simply because he’s successfully stuck two finger up at George W. Bush and co., Venezuela’s president Hugo Chavez. But Nelson Mandela got my highest rating.

Update 21/5/07: In the final results J.K. Rowling came 6th, Matt Groening 22nd, pipping Michael J. Fox (23rd) and Nelson Mandela (24th); Frank Miller came 67th, Hugo Chavez 84th, and Chris Anderson 102nd of 204 nominees.

Let it Rain! The Korean R&B phenom had almost half a million votes, over 100,000 more than runner-up Stephen Colbert. At #16, blogger Perez Hilton did better than his namesake Paris — the socialite finished last with a limp average score of 19, with Kate Moss just one position above her.

And talking of Kate…

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