Jamie Smart illustrates Cereal Killer Cafe cookbook

Cereal Killer Cafe Cookbook

On sale soon is The Cereal Killer Café Cookbook written by the founders of the London-based Cereal Killer Cafe, by Gary Keery and Alan Keery, featuring art by Jamie Smart.

The cafe – which has operations in Camden and Brick Lane – has divided opinion and its Brick Lane business was even the focus for physical attack from anti-gentrification protestors in recent months (local businesses and the community rallied in their defence in response). The Keery Twins are clearly determined to make cereal eating fun (the pair outline their vision here, revealing they’ve had marriage proposals and death threats alike since they opened), and from the look of this book, their mission has continued into print, although some of those who’ve tried the recipes aren’t too impressed (warning: rude words) .

Cereal Killer Cafe Cookbook Promo

The 128-page book, published by Ebury, offers “inventive cereal recipes, great cereal stories, nostalgia, party facts, games and humour”.

Learn the important rules of cereal eating – slurp all you want, make sure you choose a deep bowl to avoid spillage on the way to the sofa – and get creative with recipes using all your breakfast favourites, like Cocoa Pop Brownies, Corn Flake Chicken and Sausage-stuffed Shredded Wheat and No-bake Crunchy Nut Cluster Cake.

Resplendent with 1980’s and early 90’s pop culture references, photos and comic-strip illustrations, The Cereal Killer Café Cookbook will remind you of happy days when cereal boxes came with toys inside and free games came on the back of the box.

It all sounds like a lot of silly fun to me and definitely doesn’t take itself seriously.

• The Cereal Killer Cafe Cookbook is available to pre order now on Amazon (released 22nd October)

• The Cereal Killer Cafe web site is at www.cerealkillercafe.co.uk | Find them on Facebook | Follow them on Twitter @CerealKillerUK | Find them on Instgram

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2 replies

  1. Love ’em or hate ’em, you can completely ignore ’em too, but there’s no denying these two love their ‘cerealz’ (unless you choose the latter option). I personally tend to steer clear of the products these guys are flogging, as they tend more to be boxes sugar with a dash- a soupcon, even- of cereal thrown in.

    I have to say, though, that if the manufacturers of Golden Granulated Grits, or the marketing team behind Frosted Fructose Flakes, deigned to chuck in, say, a sheet of Game of Thrones stickers or a Better Call Saul bobble head, they’d have me.

    As for the book, it sounds like a stupendous waste of time and I feel like I’m coming down with diabetes just looking at the cover and its insufferably self-satisfied scribes. Which, I must assume, is the intent, directed at any brick-wielding cro-mag unfortunate enough to stumble across it. I may have to pick up a copy just for opportunity to work myself into even more of a self-indignant bluster than I am already, so mission accomplished.

  2. I can’t wait for this nauseating, hopelessly out of touch with reality ‘hipster’ bubble to pop…

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