Jim Stewart, Mychailo Kazybrid feature in new, free Self Publisher Magazine

Self Publisher! Magazine #60 is available now free as a PDF download and introduces “a whole new look” to the magazine, offering lots of articles and features any indy creator or fan of such would enjoy, its editorial team at Dimestore Productions enthuse.

While this is a US magazine, based in Madison, it’s of interest here for its interviews with British comics creators Jim “Ganjaman” Stewart and Wallace & Gromit artist Mychailo Kazybrid, talking about their careers in comic and self publishing.

There’s also an ace strip by fab US artist Michael Neno, a guide to adding pictures to a SmashWords project, a look at Print on Demand, indie comic reviews and lots more.

Self Publisher! Magazine is the work of the Self Publisher Association, currently a “not for profit” group, their main goal in the coming months to officially become a Non-Profit organization, so thatthey  may better serve the world with their efforts to bring forth better tools for all creators to use to make it more likely that they can survive in today’s changing markets.

“We are seeking to forge the foundation of a permanent Self Publisher Hall of Fame,” they say, “and do everything we can to bring recognition to the do-it-yourself level of publishing. We hope you will take the time to learn about us, and then join in our efforts.”

The editorial team on the magazine are doing everything they can to increase readership, so they can do more good for the self publishing comic creator community.

“We’d greatly appreciate anything you can do to help this issue go viral and reach our 1,000 download goal!”, says publisher Ian Shires.

• Download it (PDF): www.selfpubmag.com/site/dload.php?id=12

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