Joe Matthews “Funny Monsters Comic” for kids continues

Funny Monsters Comic Issue 3


Fed up with the lack of new British humour comics being published by the major publishers, Joe Matthews decided to publish his own. Issue Three of Funny Monsters Comic is on sale now, featuring the  “Zackster – Kid Zombie” (this time at the beach and causing mayhem!), “The Bed Bugs” (investugating a mysterious hair) and “Werewolf Growl” as well as a text story, “Milly, Monster Hunter”, and some great activity page.

Every issue  comes with free stickers and trading cards as an enticing gift.

Funny Monsters Comic only has limited distribution but you can send for a copy by post simply by using PayPal ( £2 including p&p – or £3 for issues 1 & 2) – or you might want to head to Lancaster Comics Day on Sunday 14th June, where you can meet Joe and but all three issues!

Unfortunately, Joe’s hopes that the Co-op might be a welcome distribution avenue for the title have not borne fruit (which we mentioned when we plugged Issue Two), because of both set up costs and the amount the company wanted of cover price.

“The finances just didn’t add up,” Joe told me recently. “I sold enough to break even of Issue One, not counting getting any money for doing all the artwork, Issue Two sold well at cons and Christmas fairs, and I’m selling Issue Three as a bundle with Issues One and Two, which has gone down well so far. I’ve got a few more con appearances lined up so hopefully it will carry on.

“It won’t make me any money but that’s not what it’s all about. I’m looking forward to Lancaster: it sounds like it’ll be a good day.”

This is a terrific project launched on a shoestring that deserves support. Give it a try.

• For more information visit the comic’s official Facebook page; or follow Joe on Twitter @FunnyMonstersCo

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