John Higgins to launch Watchmen print sets at SDCC

To celebrate 25 years of Watchmen, the book’s original colourist John Higgins has created a brand-new limited-edition Watchmen portfolio exclusively for San Diego Comic-Con 2011.

The new portfolio comes in two flavours, each containing a set of three individual prints of fan-favorite characters Sally Jupiter, Rorschach and The Comedian, each richly-detailed image penciled, inked and colored by John Higgins.

“For me, the appeal of this collection was to consider how each character had been used within the story of Watchmen, and to place them in settings specific to their role in the story,” says John. “I’ve aimed to highlight the Comedian’s swaggering arrogance, the sexual glamour and allure of the original Silk Spectre, and the psychotic violence of Rorschach.”

Set A: Limited to 80 copies
The prints (11.7″ x 16.5″) are coloured in Turmoil Colour Studios’ contemporary colour style and printed on ‘Tintoretto Gesso 250gsm paper’ using the latest computer-controlled technology for a high-quality print run. All prints signed and numbered by John Higgins.
Available only at SDCC 2011 at the special price of $120 per set.

Set B: Limited to 20 copies
Containing three (11.75″ x 17.75″) silk-screened prints on perfect ‘Somerset satin white, 250gsm paper’, with hand-separated colour by John in the Old Skool style of the classic Watchmen coloring. These hand-pulled silkscreen prints are all numbered, signed and embossed with the Turmoil Colour Studios symbol by John Higgins.
Available only at SDCC 2011 at the special price of $300 per set.

Both sets will be contained in a special TCS embossed portfolio envelope.

– Portfolios will only be available at the Splash Page Comic Art Booth #4400 at SDCC 2011, but can be pre-ordered by contacting John via his website at or contact Mark Hay at

– Spotlight on John Higgins at SDCC, is taking place on the Thursday 21st July between 1.30 – 2.30pm. Any audience member at the talk can enter a free draw to win one of Set A, of The limited edition Watchmen. Store value of $120.

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