Judge Dredd unofficial animated short film poster by Alex Ronald revealed

Dredd Animated Short Poster by Alex Ronald

Well, here’s an interesting item that just popped onto my feeds – the latest developments for a short, not for profit Judge Dredd animated film, DREDD, that’s had quite a long gestation process.

The poster above is by top comic artist Alex Ronald, based on design work by team member and Family Guy character designer Mick Cassidy.

The primary players in this project, which began some years back, are huge Dreddheads and have been since they picked up their very first copy of 2000ad back in the late 1970’s and early 80s.

Judge Dredd Turnarounds for the unofficial Dredd animated short film

Judge Dredd Turnarounds for the unofficial Dredd animated short film

The team behind the unofficial Dredd project are Stephen Reid, currently producing and directing the Mrs. Browns Boys animated series, first announced in 2012. He has over 22 years of experience working on and producing television shows, commercials and feature films.

Judge Dredd is one of the UK’s most popular comic book characters and the team felt it was time he got proper respect in the animation field.

“After the critical success of the Dredd 3D movie it seemed that the natural progression for Dredd was in cartoon form.,” note on the project web site. “We wanted to create a short movie that captures a part of Dredd’s world that the movie didn’t. We wanted to focus on the craziness of the city and its citizens…the satire of the comic strip.”

“The next stage is having the Pitchbook for the series compiled by the end of January,” says Stephen.

The plan for the project remains ambitious, but the team hope to get their Dredd short shown in select theatres nationwide in the US/UK.

“It’s a non-profit film, so…it will be tricky. If worse comes to worse, it will get an internet release. The ideal scenario is that our little short will create an interest in creating an animated series…with [rights holders] Rebellion’s blessing.”

Dredd unofficial short storyboard

Dredd unofficial short storyboard

Also involved in the proposed animated series are Mick Cassidy, who’s been a working artist and illustrator since he was 16. He has worked extensively in the animation industry for the last 25 years and is currently a Character Designer for Family Guy. He’s also a contributor to the 2000AD fanzine, Zarjaz, published by FutureQuake Press, including the stunning Bad Company cover for Issue 20.

He also contributed the artwork “Risk is our Business!” to the official Star Trek 50th Anniversary celebrations and Star Trek: 50 Artists, 50 Years art show, which is available for purchase at https://www.etsy.com/shop/BLACKMOCCO

Richard McAuliffe has written two graphic novels and contributed to numerous anthologies and small press comics including the only two issues fanzine Zarjaz ever to be published from a single creative team. He also runs the 2000AD fan-site Everything Comes Back To 2000AD.

Dredd Character design by Mick Cassidy

Dredd Character design by Mick Cassidy

Eric Peterson is the CEO and Creative Director of The Awesome Team. Founded in 2004, previously known as Epic Digital, The Awesome Team has been a premiere digital animation studio with a focus on the comic industry. Featuring over 45 artists with feature film credits, Epic Digital’s client list now includes Marvel Comics, Time Warner, Valiant Entertainment, NCS Pearson, and more.

Eric Peterson and Epic Digital are currently focusing on creating animated pilots for best selling franchises in the comic industry that have not yet been seen in animated form.

An avid life long fan of 2000AD and primarily Judge Dredd, spreading the word of Dredd is the uppermost mission in the life of John Burdis, who runs the popular Dredd fan-site The Cellar of Dredd. He won’t rest until Dredd is ingrained in the worlds collective conscious. He was also stunt double for Edmund Dehn in the fan film Judge Minty.

Owner and Creative Director of TVlounge Studios. Leo Buono has over 25 years of experience in producing, directing and editing so many commercials… he’s lost track.

Based on what I’ve now seen, this Dredd animation is in good hands, as the team say on their web site, and I think they will pay the utmost respect to one of the greatest comic book characters ever created as claimed. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

The project’s web site is here

‘The Dredd Project’ is an unofficial website for the non-profit fan film ‘Judge Dredd’ a five minute animated short with no links to Rebellion or 2000AD. Judge Dredd © 2016 Rebellion A/S. All Rights Reserved.

Mega City One Concept Sketch

Mega City One Concept Sketch

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