Kapow convention cancelled, but back in 2014

Pavillion of Dreams from Millarworld Productions
A busy workload for Millarworld Productions that included the upcoming ‘Pavillion of Dreams’ for BBC Scotland has led to the cancellation of Kapow next year

Bad news for fans of the Mark Millar-initiated Kapow Comic convention, which has been held in London for the last two years – there won’t be one in 2013.

The ComicBookMovie news site broke the news that Millarworld and Millarworld Productions have announced that due to work commitments – which not only nclude new comics but TV and film productions – they simply not have time to arrange the convention, but plan to return in 2014.

Here’s the statement from the Millar team in full:


Dear Friends,

Due to an increased workload in Millarworld and Millarworld Productions, we will not have time to arrange another wonderful Kapow! Comic Convention in 2013.

Sarah and I have had to make a very tough decision, and after much deliberation and poring over upcoming work schedules, we have decided to put Kapow! 2013 on hold. The event is a genuine pleasure to work on and everyone has been a total delight, but this year we are unable to dedicate the time necessary to deliver a weekend that once again exceeds the expectations of attendees, guests, exhibitors, publishers and studios.

Millarworld Productions first TV show ‘Pavilion of Dreams’ is scheduled to air on BBC One Scotland on Jan 3rd at 9pm and in 2013 both myself and Sarah will be heavily involved in the development and production of various TV shows and feature films.

We hope to return with an even bigger and better show for Kapow! 2014.

Best wishes and enjoy Christmas and New Year,

Lucy & Sarah Unwin


In Pavillion of Dreams (9.00-10.00pm Thursday 3 January BBC One Scotland) viewers will discover keeping the dreams alive at the Pavilion Theatre Glasgow hasn’t been easy over the decades. Like Circus folk, General Manager Iain Gordon, his family and his dedicated staff have always been all hands to the pumps to keep one of the last original totally unsubsidised Variety Theatres open for business.

This film from Millarworld Productions offers a unique peek behind the scenes as Iain and a well-known cast prepare for this year’s Christmas panto The Wizard of Never Woz, a roller coaster ride of rehearsals, singing, dancing and finally The Opening Night. Along the way, the programme features comments and interviews from stars that have also graced the stage over the years; from Ken Dodd, Lena Martell, Sydney Devine to the phenomenon that is Mrs Brown’s Boys.

• More info: www.paviliontheatre.co.uk/pavilion-of-dreams and www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01pp3qy


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  1. That’s a shame. I really enjoyed this year’s event.

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